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July 06, 2014

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Last month Rob went to Sydney for Hair Expo alone for the first time since Violet was born. Last year was really too much with a newborn and a toddler and so this year I asked my girlfriend Nicki to stay with me for 3 days to help relieve the pressure of him being gone. Yes, I know, I could do it alone. I don't want to, a girls weekend was just what no doctor ordered. The girls' godmother, Caity, came for dinner, drinks and movies the two weekend nights and our friend Sarah came to stay for a night and a day too. It was actually way more fun than stressful, even though after a couple of days Violet was full to the brim with show-off vibes and starting to test my patience on listening (why listen when there are a gaggle of girls to giggle at your silliness?). Truly though, for the very most part of the weekend they were both angels and I'm seriously questioning whether commune living/village to raise a child theories aren't the way to go. Nicki on the other hand, may be feeling somewhat different. That feeling is probably lingering exhaustion. I always forget what it must be like for non-parents to stay with parents for longish periods of time. There are tricky problems without solutions. Like, I want to day drink but there are children around so i have to wait until after 7pm. Just kidding. Sort of, it's a problem. I think the solution is a real girls weekend away. Child free, many wine, etcetera.

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All jokes aside though, she is so fabulous with children and came up with the best idea of all time that I have personally never thought of. Plaster Fun House trip! Although I picked a place called Glaze It in Elsternwick instead. Don't ask me why but I am glad that I did. Elsternwick is a beautiful suburb and the owner graciously squeezed us in when they were already full. We called earlier in the day to see whether we needed a booking or dropping into the studio would be ok. The young girl on the phone said dropping in would be ok but we didn't get there until the afternoon and obviously either things had changed or she only meant the morning would be ok for drop ins. I really appreciate being fitted in after travelling a fair way to get there and having excited children ready to paint mugs and whatnot. For the record, it looks not so busy in my pictures but I did try to wait until there weren't other people's kids in the shots to take them (obviously i still accidentally got a couple of other kids) plus they were booked with birthday parties who were off picking their ceramic pieces at this point. Violet chose a pig money bank and I chose a mug for Beatie. Nicki chose a little mug and saucer. I chose to monitor the toddlers with paint brushes because anything else would have been a disaster! Violet finished way before everyone else so she picked another mug. Not really pictured. It's hilarious. It's this disgusting monster mug with a gross worm for a handle and googly eyes/protruding teeth. I sort of tried to steer her in the direction of something more um, three year old friendly, but nope, monster mug it was. Who can argue? Who even wants to?

We had to wait for a week to pick them up so they could be fired but it was totally worth it to be able to unwrap the tissue paper and reveal the finished pieces with Rob. I had no idea what they would look like because the paint is so pastel before it's fired. And you're supposed to do three coats to get the full effect but who can tell a three year old and a fifteen month old to do that? I wonder if my mum still has any things like this that I made as a child? I do know I was obsessed with making plaster things in molds somewhere in my early tweens. I had a little kit where you mix the plaster yourself with water and who knows why i would want even one of those silly little plaster clowns or ice creams that I used to make but I probably made one zillion of each, I really loved that kit for a while. Anyway, for posterities sake I wrote their ages on the mug and money back, and heaven help me if they should ever be used for their intended purposes, I'm a bit too attached. I guess that means more trips to Glaze It are in order, so that my kids can have some things they made themselves instead of having their crazy mum hoard them all in the event that they gasp grow older and gasp I get nostalgic for their littleness before they even have.

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  1. They did a great job. My little cousins love to do & they make greats keepsakes. I hope you guys are having a great Sunday!


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