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July 01, 2014


Here is another mantra, repeated all day every day until forever; i'm so lucky, i'm so lucky, i'm so lucky. I'm so lucky to be able to stay home, I'm so lucky to live in the city, I'm so lucky to have friends with free days to spend with our kids, I'm so lucky that my kids have friends they love to see every week. I'm so effing lucky that my kids are so damn cool, I'd never rather hang out with anyone else. Sometimes winter is the season where the heavy cloud and freezing wind push your spirit down but this one, we're feeling lighter than ever. Of course, post-natal depression is lifting and having given up both the anti-depressants for it and breastfeeding this month, my body is finally hormone and chemical free for the first time in forever. That helps. So many things do. I found two under two (we just scraped in with two months to spare but hey) incredibly difficult until just recently. Different schedules, different needs both basic and developmental, all the things that made it feel difficult to get out and live well every day. It's been a very long while since I've made the old mum joke I grew fond of in the first few months after Beatie's birth ("pyjama days? more like pyjama weeks! haw haw sob sob) but that doesn't mean that excuses like "it's too hot" and "it might clash with naps" haven't gotten in the way. I think Violet probably napped at home in her own bed a handful of times in her babyhood, her pram became her bed away from home.

The very best thing about being friends with the mother's group I've been in since Violet was six weeks old is that many have also had second children now. Second children to become instant age appropriate friends for our second children. Maybe that's the second best thing actually, after the friendships I've made and the support we give each other at all hours, even the cold, early mornings that our still-pre-baby hearts have us hardwired to never grow used to. Definitely the best day about this day was discovering a ride for everyone at our friend Kate's house and the hilarious journey from house through shopping plaza to playground with three adults, five children, three of them mobile on scooter or trike and wild with excitement at being let out of the house to swing, and slide, and bicker over all of the important things, like whose turn it is to swing. Really, that's probably all they bicker about. Any child, any where. More swing time, please. We're going to watch two of these fair haired lovelies this morning, our side of an amazing deal struck with their parents. Casual babysitting for casual babysitting between two families without family in the city. Amazing. I'm not sure that today will be the day that I hazard taking all four out by myself but then again, the sky is blue. But it's 11 degrees, winter, that's for nothing. (thanks for everything).


and here, for fun, is a picture of how I wrote this, with a peach on my lap and a very silly dressing gown bought by Rob for the hospital when Violet was born. I'm a little sentimentally attached to it, even in all it's pinkness.


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  1. than ks for sharing your heart. I have Been inspired to share my journey with Huntington's disease. I would be honored if you would follow as I share my heart.


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