it's winter in the city

July 11, 2014

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Winter in the city can be anything. More often than not it's crispy, cold and grey with hints of sunshine that keep you dancing between too hot for one zillion layers and freezing beyond belief. It is always, always beautiful though. We took our car to be serviced in South Melbourne and instead of visiting the market or a cafe nearby we decided to make the 40 minute walk into the city. Just for something to do, why not? It's been a good few years since I lived close enough to walk into the heart of it, it was nice pretending to be a city dweller again. I say all the time that if there were more parks and playgrounds, I'd take apartment living in the cbd over space any day. I wouldn't but it's nice to pretend when the stakes are low and no one is going to call you to commit ;). Truth be told, there isn't enough life times in my one to live out all my alternate universe dreams. It's a good thing that reality is so sweet.


  1. So interesting that it is winter in Australia right now! It is summer here and I'm not looking forward to winter one bit! XOXO


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