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June 30, 2014

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There's a rumour going around that the dentist is a scary place but we don't think so. I've always loved going, love having my teeth cleaned, love having them fixed (and they need it often, weak enamel). Violet complained of sore teeth for a week before I could get an appointment. I was 99% sure she'd watched Muno's baby teeth wiggle out one too many times but it doesn't do to gamble on these things, even if according to Violet I am "gaffa lamb" (DJ Lance). One purple chair, a quick examination for Little People Cinderella, 5 declarations that the the name penned on the side of the toy contained a "V for me!" and many goadings to open just a bit wider later we got down to business. And 20 healthy, clean and beautiful teeth counted later, Violet was in love with going to the dentist. So of course at least once a week her teeth are "sore" again and she just needs to see that dentist. Actually, if you listen to Violet the dentist is a miracle worker who will fix sore legs too. Why not?

Apparently you're supposed to go around your second birthday but I guess, like anything, you need to go if you need to go and happily, and luckily, we didn't. The tooth fairy visited Violet's day care last year and made a very lasting impression on little miss. Her wise instructions that Violet must let mummy or daddy brush her teeth before she tries has stuck pretty well and we have rarely had issue getting her teeth brushed properly. Staying in bed after lights out, I wish there were a fairy for you. One of my favourite things about a Violet (they're all my favourite, actually) is her need to shout her good experiences from the rooftops. Everyone on the street for a week or two heard about the purple chair and the laying back with the mouth open wide, and the dentist who "fixed" her "sore teeth".


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  2. The dentist can be a bit scary, especially for some who have never really had a very nice experience beforehand. But it’s great to know that you guys never looked at dentists that way, as that makes it quite easier for the little ones to comply with the processes. Thanks for sharing!

    Byron Kennedy @ A Plus Family Dentistry


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