What Beatrix ate: for the first time!

August 28, 2013

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Baby Rice Cereal!

(with extra iron)

So I guess you can see how she felt about that. Not super positively, let me tell you. Look, I wasn't surprised. Through hell and high water, trying every trick under the sun barring actually leaving the house and letting her starve it out until she's hungry enough, we have been unsuccessful in getting her to take a bottle. Not even of breast milk, let alone formula. Baby loves her (my) boob. It's been a challenge, especially given that she still wants to eat every 2-3 hours. When Violet was a baby it was so easy to go out on dates or to places that I'd be uncomfortable breast feeding in. That kid would eat anything in sight if it remotely resembled milk of any kind! And when it came time to try solids she was just the same. Gimme, gimme, gimme all the foods. Beatie's a fussy eater. That's ok, I'm kind of fussy too, I can relate. 

This was try number one, just iron-fortified baby rice cereal and cooled boiled water. Yum, yum, yum (not). Really not. Violet begged a spoonful towards the end of the feeding session and on tasting it had an involuntary full body shudder. I'm taking that as proof that it tastes pretty awful. Not only that but Beatie's automatic response was to push it out with her tongue. I remember that from when we started Violet on solids and after a few tries I deemed her not ready and held off for another month, or thereabouts. I don't really have that luxury with Beatie, at her last maternal and child health nurse check up we discovered that she's not gaining as much weight as she was previously. She's tracking on a curve for height and head circumference but her weight has gone from being in the 75th percentile for weight to being just below the 50th. She's still eating A LOT of breast milk but since she won't take a formula top up for anything, solids have to begin now. It's time anyway, they had us starting at 4 months with Violet, now they say 6 months is the best time to start. She's 5 and a half months, open wide baby girl, here comes some yucky rice cereal.

The next day I tried it with formula instead of water and today I tried it with breast milk instead of formula and the reaction was the same both days: "hey, imma wear this cool paste all over my face and clothes, mouth shmouth". Persistence and patience, persistence and patience. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Hey, I think she might have swallowed a little more today, or so I've been telling myself. I wish you'd hurry up and get this skill down little Beatie so we can move on to the cool stuff.


  1. The picture second from botton! Bless!

  2. Awesome pics to remember the first go at solids! So funny! Good luck with the intro to soilds...always a fun time!


  3. Haha! Awww, she doesn't seem to be enjoying that at all. Pictures are adorable though!

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  5. Oh, I just love the name Beatrix! Thanks for hosting the Aloha blog hop! I am now following you on Bloglovin'!


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