saturday night diaries

August 08, 2013

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Remember I said that having two babies has given me back my evening social life? Well, it's kind of had to be that way. Otherwise there is the ever looming threat of drowning in spilled cereal and unfolded laundry, both literally and with all of the souliness of my soul. I must confess though, this newfound whipper-snapperiness i've been displaying the past few saturday nights has not been my idea. It's been Rob's. For one thing, I would much prefer to be on a date with him (sorry friends) since we don't see many of those. But you know, we don't see many of those. For another thing it is cold, I am lazy when it comes to the choice between braving the cold in nice clothes and wearing the one jumper that Rob HATES, HATES, HATES on the couch with the heater blasting. 

But you see, he wants to get me out of the house. He's having an affair with dot dot dot hair products. He's making them. He's making them all night long if I let him (I did, now I don't, one hours sleep a night and then work does not a well functioning partner and father make). If I'm out of the house, I'm not bugging him with silly questions like 'what's that going to do?', 'can I have some bench space please?' and 'oh my god, you're going to clean that up when you finish, aren't you??' (his mouth says yes but his eyes say 'noooooooooooo, i'm going to pretend I forgot!'). And so here I am, enjoying yet more cocktails with yet more beautiful child-free friends and Madame Brussels, a rooftop terrace cocktail bar in the city with synthetic lawn for flooring, white picnic tables, waiters dressed in white tennis uniforms and probably the most delicious cocktail menu out, by the jug please. We ordered many of the Amaretto Sour (without egg white in half for our very vegan friend Nicki) and stayed until they shut up shop at 1am. Not a conversation about nappies or breastfeeding in sight, folks. It's like I got my non-mummy groove back. Where am I going this week? Somewhere good, let me tell you.


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