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August 01, 2013

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I was pretty down when Rob was away for work. For starters I had no phone to talk to him and my adult relationship felt totally bizarre being confined to Facebook messaging as the only form of communication. I felt kind of like when I was 14 and had a boyfriend I only ever communicated with via Yahoo Chat because he went to a different school. Gross. For secondsies toddlers can smell when somethings up emotionally with their parent. Seriously, I thought of that book Perfume the other day and thought 'yeah, you can smell an apple from that far away? Cool dude. You can smell innocence on a woman? Cool dude x 2. BUT CAN YOU SMELL FEAR ON AN OVERWHELMED AND MODERATELY LONESOME PARENT? My two year old can. Beat that Frenchie'. It was an elaborate thought process. I can't call the behaviour naughty because it wasn't, it was just extra much. Extra much attention needed. Extra much bed time drama. Extra much frustration when it takes me too long to work out that "mummy putpt" means "hey ma, be a doll and grab me a cup from that cupboard. Oh, and fill it with milk while you're there. please." And in return I was extra much short on patience, extra much full of pleading- "please please please, just go to sleep, please!" which of course makes those situations worse, every time. Oh, sigh sigh.

Well, this friend made a pop-in visit and saved at least one of our days. I usually hate a pop in visit. There's always something embarrassing happening- I'm in my pyjamas at 11am, or the bin needs to be emptied but that's a Dad job and he forgot, my bench is full of crap I would have cleaned off if I'd known someone was coming over (see above) or I'm holding out on folding the 6 loads of laundry that are piled up because I'm certain that this week there will be a zombie apocalypse and no one will need folded clothes. This day I did not care. Let it be known, if I ever do not have a phone again, please, come on by. Don't call, you won't be able to, just arrive. I'll be happy to see you. My children will be happy to see you. No one will care that Violet won't stop climbing on the table because I'm not the boss when Daddy is away, because YOU can be the boss. Of my heart. Because my heart needs company when it's feeling bad.


  1. You have very cute chdren :) x

  2. Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following back! :)

  3. Your children are so cute!

  4. Adorable! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  5. Your children are absolutely adorable! Don't worry- no zombie apocalyses! Following back!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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