Do you zoo?

August 13, 2013

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So I hope you like the zoo. I'm going to assume that anyone in the not zoo loving camp has feelings about captivity and not feelings about animals. Unless you're a vampire. Vampires don't like anything except whining, I've learned recently. I've been watching the Vampire Diaries while I wait for all the shows that aren't dramatic vampire drivel to start again. My brain is sad. But anyway, unless you're a vampire you like the zoo. And if you like the zoo you're going to be  very happy to hear that you're in for another wall o' pics tomorrow. There are too many good zoo photos on our camera to cull. Sorry and you're welcome. 

We haven't been to the zoo since this trip over a year ago. I'm really glad we waited, it was such a different experience with a kid who cared and who knew most of the names for the animals, which made her even more excited. Not to mention pleased with herself. We're terrible organisers on the weekend. It seems like whatever time we say we'll leave it's at least an hour after that that we're even walking to the car. So we kind of showed up to the zoo around nap time. Whatever, juice is like drugs for babies (my juice aged one, anyway) and once in a while I don't see the harm in pumping your kid full of fruit sugar and letting them run it off. While we were getting some drinks and waiting for Rob's hot dog to be ready some bigger kids came in with their parents and got icy-poles (or popsicles, if you will). Bearing in mind it's winter and it rained half the day, I thought this was a bit wacky but from what I remember of being a kid, any time you can convince your parents to get you a treat is a good time, no matter the weather. 

Well Violet wanted to know what they had. "Ice-creams" I said without thinking, because there was definitely no cream, iced or otherwise, in sight. And then she had to have one. How could we say no? Well, there are lots of ways we could have said no but we didn't. And lo, her first icy-pole was had and it only took eating half of it to figure out that the stick is for holding, not the icy-pole itself. That was a sticky learning process. Juice plus "ice-treen" equals zoo party extreme! And meercats are actually doggies, that's the truth according to Violet. Just so we're clear, the kangaroos are Rob's favourite, the giraffes are mine and the elephants are Violet's. Beatie really likes the elephants too because that was pretty much the only part she was awake for.


  1. I haven't been to the zoo in ages! I may have to take the little one on a trip soon. You are such a babe'n Mum!

  2. ha, I feel like we're living parallel lives. We just had a zoo day too. :) Sigh, I feel like it's going to be two months before I can get that post up on the blog, but we'll get there! :) Oh, and ha, Mateo is obsessed with elephants too. :) You guys are all too cute. And oh my, you have the longest legs! lucky girl :)

  3. I love going to the zoo! Cute pictures and my fave zoo animal has to be the giraffe. Paul & I are hoping to go to San Diego zoo when we visit friends next month. Pretty excited about that! You have an amazing figure by the way lady! Your legs! Wow! xx

  4. Oh Hannah. Such a wonderful post. I love have glimpses into your life. Lee and I last year went to the zoo 4 times with our friends and family! We love it. This year I have been once with my nephew and my folks. Was lovely but so hot that day. Thank you for sharing. Love xxx

  5. Oh we are TOTALLY gonna zoo when we get to Melbourne. For real.

    1. Oh man, your girls are going to LOVE it! Party in the elephant hut


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