Beatrix: five months

August 26, 2013

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Sweet Beatie,

5 months! Well, 5 months two weeks ago. I'm a bit behind. I'm always a bit behind these days, no point making any more excuses, it just is. One day you'll have two little babies of your own, if you want to and if you're lucky enough, and you'll understand. Your smile makes me melt like an ice cube, it's so incredible. We're yet to be sure we've heard any giggles. A few times your Daddy and I have looked at each other in that way that people do when they're excited and don't need to say why because you both just <i>know</i> but we can't be 100% certain. I need to deal in double digit percentages for certainty. You squeak and squawk and squeal in delight however, and you are often delighted. You like it best when your sister shouts "OHHHHHHHH BEATIE!" over and over.

You're also a chatty cathy, yowling and yammering away all day long. If you're not too busy blowing bubbles and raspberries. Or sucking your bottom lip all the way into your mouth so that you look like a one hundred year old baby. Lately you've also been busy gnawing your way through my fingers. I'm certain that one day soon I'll discover I'm missing a few. I can see a little white dot on your bottom gum and I'm relishing every last day that you're a toothless gummy worm. I love that even though all the things you'll do and the ways you'll grow are the same as Violet's milestones but that they feel new because we're coming at them from a different perspective. I looked forward to all of Violet's growths and developments, I yearned for them. "so and so's baby is crawling, i hope mine does soon" and so on and so on. With you everything is treasured and every new thing is exciting but a tiny bit bittersweet. I'm not wishing the days and months away in anticipation of what comes next at all. I savour every second of your tininess.

You're starting to do the wiggle on your tummy like a slow, slow snake towards the things you'd like to chew. In the shower when I lay you on your tummy you pull your legs up underneath you, one at a time for now but it will feel like a flash and you'll be commando crawling your way into creating chaos. And you like toys! You like to hold them and chew them and drop them without a care as if you're indulging me in checking out this strange object or that before hurrrmphing your way back to watching your sister.

Sweetheart, you're a doll. The best thing about waking up in the morning is seeing your big blue eyes watching my face quietly, patiently and the huge gummy grin you give me when you realise I'm staring back at you. We think you're the bees knees, we love you so very, very much.

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  1. Seriously Beatie! You melt my heart everytime I see your beautiful smile! :) Its wonderful seeing you grow and becoming a sweet little lady like you Mum & sister xx


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