Adventures in surprising a little girl

August 12, 2013


When I found out I was pregnant with Violet I imagined all of the cool things we'd do together. All of the special memories Rob and I would create for her both as responsible, typical parents and as young, fun parents. She's finally at an age where these desires we have to make her childhood special and magical can start to be acted upon, and that it means something to her when we do. What little girl wouldn't love to be told she was going to bed, made all ready and then instead whisked out to the car on a late night trip to the toy store to buy Woody? This little girl loved it. I love the joy and the excitement she has, I love knowing that she knows this was a treat, and how happy it makes her. I love knowing that for all the times I've had to clean something when she wants to play or be somewhere when she doesn't want to leave the park there are, and will be times like this, when we can surprise her with something that's just about her. And that there will be the chance to do it all over again with Beatie when she gets a little older. I think I'm addicted to babies, I can't get enough of this joy for living they have when everything is new and a first time. 


  1. You guys are too fun. LOVE IT! by the way, haha...I totally know how fun this is because just this weekend we took our little man to the toy store. We were out a little past his bedtime picking up something for our dogs and in the same plaza was a toy store. Just for fun we took him in without saying a word and just started walking the aisles like you would any store. Mateo is SO fun to take to a toy store. He had no idea what he was walking in to. The next 10 minutes were just him running from aisle to aisle screaming "A TRAIN" "WHOA" "TRUCKS" "DUMP TRUCK" "beep, beep, BEEP." haha. Usually I'd just have him play with things or hold a box and then say bye and put it back but it was so fun. We let him pick out a little wood train and he hasn't let go of it in 3 days. I WISH I had my camera! Next time.

    This post really made me smile. I love that I could picture it all. Your little ones are so lucky to grow up in your house. I love that you want their childhoods to be special and MAGICAL. :)


  2. this is so sweet. and i bet she had THE BEST dreams when you got back home. :)

  3. Seeing this post melted my heart and her excited of picking out her new toys! Adorable Violet as always :)xx

  4. I love that you let her choose her own toy! Her curly hair is too adorable.


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