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July 23, 2013

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I've been in a blogging funk for the last several days. Can I also just admit that I accidentally typed the eff word instead of funk? A freudian slip, maybe? I don't really know why so funky, I've got lots of potential posts up my sleeve. I just didn't feel like talking. Rob is away for work. I'm not good at being alone. Military spouses, parents whose partners travel often for work, goodness gracious, single parents, all of my hats are piled one on top of another on my head and I'm taking them off to you. I'm also throwing rose petals at your feet where you walk and offering to make you one thousand cups of tea. You're my heros, all of you. I do not care for having no one to talk to at night after the kids go to bed or to step in during the two hour (yes, TWO HOUR, I think someone else was suffering with Daddy being away too) drama-rama that has been bed time for Violet while Rob's been away. Supernanny, can I just say that I tried your put them back in bed technique and either you suck, or I suck. Or we both suck. Or toddler beds suck. Something sucks, Supernanny.

And hey Violet, I'm trying to write about how hard my life is at the moment (har har), can you stop snuggling up to me and other general adorable behaviour? It's making it hard to stay in a bad mood. And finally, Barney the Dinosaur, you better pray we don't meet in a dark alley buddy. I will have trouble deciding whether to punch you in your purple belly for being so annoying or smother you with kisses for teaching Violet the "where is thumbkin" song. Violet, whose rendition of this song is probably going to turn Eurovision on its head and make all the other contestants rethink their life choices, cannot seem to get it through her two year old head that there are more fingers on her hand than Tallman. Who she calls "the tall man". And also, she can't say 'thank you', she says "ent yew". My child is a musical genius though, you heard it first here. Another thing you have heard first here: If you live in Melbourne, have kids and have not been to the Moreland Skate Park pack your snack packs and get down there today. Well maybe not today today, it's pretty grim outside. But sometime soon because who doesn't love pirate themed play parks? With sand diggers and a crows nest and a rubber hammock? It's a really good park and I've only just discovered it.

Rob is currently in the air flying home but he's going straight from the airport to work so we will have to wait until tonight to see him. I'm literally counting the hours. I needed something to keep me busy and I didn't feel like blogging so my sweet friend Lulu let me give her blog a makeover. I had so much fun with her pastel vision, and it definitely passed the time. If you're new to blogging and would like some help (for free) you can email me and I'll see what I can do. That's all. What a random and complainey blog post. Sigh. I'm going to go and dance with my little pal, shake those blues away and put my left foot in, like one hundred times in a row. Or clean off one of the three "naughty drawings" said friend has made on the walls this morning. Nah, its time to dance.


  1. Oh, I do not do well with my husband gone either. I will help you make all those single mamas cups of tea because they are amazing!

  2. I wish we lived in the same country so we could hang out! Thank you again for my awesome blog make over! ;)


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