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July 02, 2013

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Last week, including the weekend, will forever be known as the week we pretty much didn't leave the house. It will definitely be remembered as the week we spent more time in our pyjamas than is healthy. Babies with colds are the saddest things but I really don't mind that time to snuggle together. It's not like when you have a healthy toddler and you try to stay home and you end up at the end of the day with no hair left (because you've torn it all out) and your house looks like the old lady in the Labyrinth's junk yard. You know, after the pretty room falls apart. Violet and I got through the entire season of The Carrie Diaries much to my embarrassment and clocked about 100 hours watching Barney the Dinosaur which has all but destroyed my brain cells. I don't think I'll ever forgive Rob for introducing that show to Violet. She gets fixated on programs and will only watch what she's into at that minute. Which means that when she was into Little Einsteins that's all she would watch. But she WAS into Yo Gabba Gabba and I was enjoying that obsession. Barney the blinking Dinosaur. I hate your guts you big annoying purple guy. You and your stupid 55 minute episodes that are so enticing to a man who wanted to get another hour to sleep in one bright and early 6am toddler wake up call.

Anyway, The Carrie Diaries is like the grown up (ha) equivalent of Barney the Dinosaur and I made Rob watch at least one episode, so there's pay back delivered and received. We got a package somewhere in there from everyone's favourite grandparent (one of 5 favourites, of course), Nanny. Nanny knits in a way that I can't knit. Which is to say she can knit and I can't, the end. But none of the other grandparents can knit either so really, Nanny is special in that way. Violet was very excited to try on her new coat and hat, and insisted on wearing them over her pyjamas for the rest of the day. Beatie wore hers too, it didn't seem like she minded so we'll say that she also insisted upon wearing her cardigan. I feel like if she were to be able to insist upon anything it would be whatever Violet was also insisting upon, since they're two peas in a pod by both of their counts. You could say they're loving each other sick. Even when they are sick. You can tell when a toddler is unwell by the starey-eye thing that Violet has going on in those photos. A slow moving, staring toddler is a very rare breed. I made sure to capture mine and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle the ever-loving bleep out of her slow moving little body while I could because already this morning at the park she and Poppy made off on their own, very fast paced adventures with a branch, a rock and a very tall tree.


  1. Oh aren't they sweet! Love these shots! X

  2. I totally watch the Carrie Diaries, and my husband hates it! Every time he says "I can't believe you watch this crap." Its my secret addiction. Hope the kiddos feel better soon!

  3. Aww these little ladies are so darn cute!! x


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