For a 30th birthday

July 28, 2013

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My friend Amanda recently turned thirty. Thirty is such a scary sounding age to someone in their late twenties. I remember when I was a kid and my mum was in her thirties, thinking she was so old. I also remember being mortally embarrassed around age twelve because she sometimes wore short skirts. She was only thirty-three. By my calculation, unless I want to be a hypocrite (which in this instance, I do), in just five years time my wardrobe had better magically transform into a smorgasbord of tasteful below-the-knee skirts, pantsuits and twin-sets. Apparently this is what I thought my friends parents were wearing. Heaven forbid I behave like my mother and you know, not give up everything about my personality, taste and sense of style post thirty. Which for the record is just 1.5 years away. I could probably just file that memory of twelve year old me's feelings on the matter away for when my girls get old enough to be embarrassed by me and use it to not feel so wounded by the inevitability of being pushed off the pedestal they'll have me on during their childhoods.

Amanda saw in her birthday in the proper fashion, by getting dressed up beautifully and drinking just enough to want to dance. I was not there, the girls were sad and sick with colds, and even though I got halfway ready to go, I just couldn't leave them. Such is mother life. So it took a while to have a birthday gossip session but we got to do it with baby cuddles. One hundred times better than a cocktail, if you ask me. Her little girl thinks that Beatie is the bees knees. Poor old Violet, she's the first one of her best little friends to get a baby sibling so it's still a huge novelty for them. She just wants to play, they just want to love on baby Beatie and Beatie spends her hours eyeballing Violet like she'll never see enough of her to be satisfying. Love triangles are so dramatic. Of course there were presents. Every girl who doesn't want to get older needs pretty things to remind her that she's still young and beautiful. Which Amanda is, in spades. And of course there was no avoiding our resident shoe fanatic Violet trying those beauties on and attempting to take them for a spin. 


  1. Adorably-cute children:-)

    Love your green wooden clogs!

  2. Hey, I'm a newest follower on GFC from the Monday hop. OMG I love the term baby cuddles and also the photo, soooo adorable! Also the photo of the flying clog! Lol.

    Love the mint pants too!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)



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