five and two

July 08, 2013

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Last week my friend Lulu brought her little girl around for a play. She also brought her famous chocolate cheesecake brownies, score! Sakura is 5, a little old to be excited to play with 2 year old Violet but she put in a really good effort anyway. She was fantastic considering every colouring book picture she tried to beautifully stay in the lines with, Violet plonked herself down practically on top of her and started free drawing over the top of. Both sides were so cute to watch, Violet's enthusiasm to do what the big girl was doing with her and Sakura's well contained frustration as she tried to reconcile being annoyed at her pictures being ruined, and her growing awareness that Violet is so much smaller than her. She was so good about it and shared everything, down to the library books she brought, even though Violet wasn't interested in anything until the very minute Sakura picked it up. I love that about age 2, in Violet at least, I'm not sure how it is with anyone else's 2 year old. But with Violet there is no understanding that an activity might be better enjoyed alone. She's not a snatcher in the sense that she wants whatever you have for herself. She's a group activity kind of girl. Here are some more examples of ways Violet will make your solo activities more fun:

Oh, you're reading a story? That looks like it would be fun! More fun if I sit on your leg, take the book from you and turn the pages at my own pace. You're enjoying this of course, I don't even need to ask.

Typing at the computer? Hey! Let me help with that! First I'll climb on your lap and take over the typing. It's much better for you if I do it for you. In case you're wondering, I'm smiling up at you like that because I know I'm really clever, and a big girl, and also I'm waiting for you to thank me for doing this. Oh, and I don't know if you know this but when you're typing your arm becomes a really great monkey bar. I know you love to watch me play, any time, so you're welcome!

Are you eating??? Everyone knows that's a fun thing to do! Let's do it together. Ok, I'm going to put my mouth in front of your spoon, regardless of where it is or how much you're trying to get around me. That's a game you're playing to make it funner for me to eat, right? Well, it's boring now so I'll just stick my tongue in your bowl and eat like a doggie.

Sleeping? Cool! Me too!! On top of you with my head on your head. Oh, and my loud fake snoring in your ear followed by giggles is also for your benefit, don't pretend like you're not enjoying this. And if you do push me off I'll assume you've transitioned from sleeping into playing the role of a jumping castle, hurrah!

What do you mean it's Anika's turn with that toy? What's a turn? Let's just use it together. FUN! Oh, it's a bike meant for one? Why? We can both fit on this seat, look i'll scoot back, see, you can fit. Musical instrument? Two sets of hands means twice the beautiful noises! Spoon in bowl? No problem! I'll put my hand here, you put yours there and we can stir together!

And so on and so on. Anyway, I forgot to ask if it was ok to post the picture of Sakura holding Beatie but man, it was a cute one.


  1. This is a great post! I have a 2 year old.. can you tell? So sums him up to a tee. #teamIBOT

  2. I've noticed that when my small girls friends come over, they always want to play with my big girls. It's so sweet to watch

  3. Now that mine is 10, I love seeing how little girls look up to her in awe. So cute when the little ones try to be big :)

  4. Oh this made me laugh so much! It sums up our days around here so well!

  5. I love this post for so many reasons...but it has me craving cheesecake brownies ;)



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