Beatrix: four months

July 15, 2013

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Sweet Beatie,

Another month has come and gone as you get bigger and bigger. The day before yesterday I dressed you in size 0 clothes that were only a little too big and certainly not big enough that anyone noticed. My big, squishy bottomed, rosebud skinned girl. You look so good in pale pink that it kills me. Your hair is starting to grow in, downy and soft. I hesitate to guess what colour it is because your sister's changed so much in the first year but at the moment it's a dark blonde. Your eyes have lightened to the same blue as your sister. Your sister is still your favourite person, aside from me. You follow her so avidly with your eyes that sometimes I'm convinced that by sheer desire you'll suddenly fly across the room to join her. I can see that I'll have to keep a close eye on the pair of you in years to come because you look at her like you would follow her anywhere.

You're sleeping a little better at night time, we're back to one or two feeds over night. This may be because nine times out of ten on the second feed, at 5am usually, I cave and let you stay in the bed with us. Your day time sleeps are becoming more routine oriented too. I've let you form this naturally and at the moment you seem to be ready to sleep at around 9:30am and 1pm for several hours at a time. You don't mind where but you do ask that it be somewhere moving. You electronic swing, your cradle, a car or a pram. You're not too fussy. Sometimes you'll even breastfeed to sleep.

You are starting to bring your legs up underneath your body when you roll onto your tummy. The first of many steps towards crawling, and although that will be a long way off, months and months away, it's so strange to realise that you're starting that journey now. At just four months old. My baby. You love to sit in your bumbo and watch your family go about their business. Being force fed sips of Violet's make believe tea brings squealing, grinning and gurgling to your lips. Your daddy's beard still makes you cross. You love to reach and grab, and hold, and bring to your mouth, and let go, and begin again. It's like no one in the world ever had hands before or learned how to use them. That's the pride I feel as I watch you discover these parts of your body and these functions you can control. Beatie baby, you smell so good. Beatie baby, each of the pudgy rolls on your legs and arms deserve the kisses Violet and I make sure to bestow upon them each day, one by one. Our precious sweetheart. All of my love for you.


  1. Awww Beatie! Your growing up and getting cuter by the day :) Beautiful blue eyes just like your sister! xxx

  2. Such a sweet baby!! I am a grandmother and love seeing all these baby pics!!! My fave is her lying on her tummy, makes me wish to touch that sweet baby head:)))
    Just dropping in from the GFC hop and now following via GFC!


    See you at Lets Get Social Sunday blog hop:)))
    My Turn for us

  3. Stopping by from the Google Friend Connect hop and I'm now following you on Pinterest now. I just love this sweet letter to your little one! :)
    Hope you're having a great day!
    - Ang

  4. Her name is as pretty as she is!

  5. What a little sweetheart. It only feels like yesterday my son was 4 months, now he's almost 2 - where does that time go?!?! Found your blog via the friend connect hop and was very excited to find another sweet Aussie blogger out there - following along now on bloglovin', looking forward to reading more :)

    luana @

  6. She's so sweet and lovely!:-)


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