Violet's 2nd birthday party

June 04, 2013


On Sunday we had 5 of Violet's little friends, their parents and Beatie's godmother Caity and her boyfriend over for some cake and dancing. We were originally going to have a big 'do right before her birthday back in May but then we were all sick and all the other dates were taken. Then we weren't going to do anything at all because the moment had passed but I felt mean, especially when she started getting so excited by other kid's presents at their parties. So basically at the start of last week I messaged her friends parents, invited them over and it was on. A very casual, non themed event at home. And it was the best. The very best. It started at 10am so we put on a brunch of croissants and scones with jam and cream, coffee, and chips and dips for the adults. There was honey sandwiches, fairy bread, marshmallows, chips, juice and fruit/yoghurt cups for the kids. We set the dining room table with playdoh and plenty of playdoh accessories, and a mountain of crayons, textas and paper. We made lots of room for scooter rides around our hall and kitchen. And we laid down sheets in the living area, played yo gabba gabba and had a bubble machine going hard on making bubbles to pop while they danced. Oh and we filled the house with Violet's favourite, balloons. It seemed like a success to me!

IMG_8413 IMG_8416

Homemade death cake, deceptively pretty with a cherry vanilla cake wrapped in icing that called for 6 (!!!!!!!!) sticks of butter. I still feel sick thinking about it.

IMG_8417 IMG_8420

The princess dress made a reappearance after my first choice of outfit for Violet was rejected fiercely, and the second choice too.


Archie singing "happy birthday Biolet"


Poppy, Dom and Juno also singing happy birthday

IMG_8428 IMG_8430 IMG_8432

Sorry, parents of these children


Caity, Josh and Beatie

IMG_8440 IMG_8441 IMG_8443

And the best way to get rid of sugar energy...DANCING!


  1. Wow Hanna! This looks awesome! I'm loving the look of fairy bread! And that cake OMG!! :) Violet and her friends look like they had a wonderful time. Job well done xx

    1. Lulu, please tell me you have fairy bread over there??????? I'm very concerned about this........

  2. Oh goodness, those bubbles and dancing! Looks like so much fun! :D What a lovely party.. hope Violet had a great time, and you weren't too tired out by it! (Holy moly, 6 sticks of butter went into that cake?!)

    Found you through That LA IT Girl's blog as a fellow May sponsor and clicked through. Nice to meet another Aussie :)

    1. oh dear no, 6 sticks of butter went into that ICING! Let's not discuss the butter in the actual cake ;)

      I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this comment, we've been away. But here I am!! I love fellow Aussies (because they don't say sweater, of course) but do you have a blog? I could only find your facebook and Etsy (which is great by the way!). Nice to meet you! x

  3. I love this party. We don't have fairy bread here, but it looks like something my girls would love! Her princess dress is fabulous. I know if my girls had that dress they would never wear anything else!


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