June 20, 2013

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I'm not going to lie, staying in Sydney with two little ones on a work trip was not that easy. Flying was fine, we seem to be blessed with great flyers, on the way up all four of us were asleep before the plane even levelled out in the sky and on the way back everyone was just as cheerful as if they were on the ground. In Sydney itself we had some great highs and some low lows, but lets focus on the highs because the sooner we forget the lows, the better! We stayed right on Darling Harbour, just a couple of minutes walk to the convention centre where they had Hair Expo. Very convenient for Rob and very, very convenient for me on the day that Violet broke the stroller and I had to walk her and Beatie over to see Rob's demo. Even more convenient is the epic playground across from the convention centre! We got to visit it with Rob on the first day and again on the day that Rob had to work and I had a nanny helping out. Unfortunately that playground is like Woodstock for children in that you literally can't see between the little bodies. We had a moment of losing Violet in the crowd and as I ran around calling her name I passed about 100 other parents doing the same. The place has a security guard to help reunite lost children with parents. And it's not even that big.

We were lucky enough to be able to have a couple of nights out together too and it was so nice to be able to dress up and have a couple of adult drinks! The first night we just went to a party put on by one of the companies showing at the Expo and the second was the gala dinner for the awards ceremony. Unfortunately Rob didn't win the award he was up for (though I think he should have, of course!) but next year, for sure. For this year we can say, one of the top 4 in the country out of those who entered ain't half bad! He did manage to score his dream scissors at the Expo too which made his trip. They're pretty spectacular, what a lucky guy. Violet, Beatie and I had lots of fun going around the expo, looking at all the crazy inventions (like a hairdryer looking thing that sucks your hair in and curls it. CRAZY! Crazy bad, that is) and getting excited over wholesale price OPI nail polish and lots of makeup. And ice tea which was really out of place but delicious! Rob and his colleague did a hair cutting show on the last day of the Expo which was amazing. I hope very much he'll let me share some of the video that accompanied it on here!

Probably the best thing that happened on the whole trip was this group of street performers doing this incredible breakdancing show. They were setting up as we were running around the harbour with Violet and they had a big black and white checked mat to breakdance on and loud music. Violet immediately took herself onto the mat and started dancing like it was going out of fashion. I tried to get her off but they were happy to let her go nuts while they were warming up. When they started performing she stood in the front mesmerised, dancing along and clapping. Her favourite was the one guy tap dancing. One of the performers turned out to be performing at the awards night which was pretty funny.

I guess the lowest low was having to spend a fair amount of time in the hotel room on the last day (like, all day) because I didn't feel great, the stroller was broken and I didn't fancy trying to chase Violet around the harbour (she tries to get into EVERY body of water like she's a fish!) with Beatie strapped on. Rob was out at a Sassoon course for the day. You can imagine what trying to entertain a toddler in a hotel room without toys for a full day was like. Enough said. Next year Violet will be well and truly 3 years old and probably (hopefully) a little more able to walk by herself for longer periods of time. Or if not, maybe a stay with a grandparent will be in order. Who knows? See you next year Sydney!


  1. Hi Hanna! I'm a new follower from the Aloha Friday hop! I'd love to have you link up with me for my Mommy Mondays Hop!! It's great the girl did well flying! I am taking my baby on a plane for the first time next week and I'm a little nervous!

  2. I love that last family portrait, you all look adorable!


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