Oh Violet

June 17, 2013

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Two things about this less than tiny whirlwind hurricane child in blue, only still when sleeping-

Yesterday I called out, as I usually do, "In the car! In the car! Grab your water and everything you want to take". I had my back to her, taking Beatie out of her swaddle, and as I turned around she was prancing off out the back door, doing her silliest walk which sees her bobbing down almost to the ground with each step. In her hands were her water bottle and a giant, American sized box of Nutri Grain cereal. The best of car entertainment, I'm certain.

Tonight, long after bed time I could hear her playing upstairs in the dark. Every now and again I made the bottom few steps, stomping loudly to let her know I was really coming, and every time I heard a quick gasp followed by hasty footsteps and the thud of a body landing on a mattress. I could hardly keep the grin off my face. The last time I went before Rob got home with burgers for dinner and took over monster-on-the-stair duty, I thumped up the bottom stairs and from the hall outside her door she went tearing back to bed shouting a battle cry worthy of Brave Heart. I had to run down the stairs with my hand over mouth to contain laughter so as not to make it a game.

And a thing about that little rosebud in pink, in the interest of fairness-

She has started having yowling and gurgling conversations with us all, a real loudmouth, and she won't be interrupted, she'll keep on talking right over the top of you. It looks like she'll survive this family yet..


  1. That's adorable, I can just picture the look on her face as she hears you coming!

  2. The story about stomping before you reach her room is the best! My girls do the exact same thing here! It is hilarious.

  3. That's so cute! your kids seem adorable :)


  4. Oh they are just adorable, so is your precious story!
    Hope these beautiful adventures last a little while yet xx
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  5. This shots are priceless! Cuteness overload!

  6. Gorgeous photos and what a little character your big girl is. Kids really are so precious aren't they?

  7. Aww too cute! The first couple of pictures are adorable :) xx

  8. Ha ha! My littlest one makes discipline so hard too sometimes. She is just so cute!!!

    1. it gets easier though, right?? Thank you!


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