little of nothing

June 27, 2013


It's a slow news week around here which is unsurprising given that silly rabbit and little duck both have colds. We're doing movies on the couch and pyjama days. And baby's first time in a bumbo and lots of drawing. Violet is finally letting me put her hair up and is having some success with the potty, but we're taking it slow. Beatie can't stop smiling even though she's coughing and snuffling. I'm feeling content, happy and relaxed. Time to make some popcorn, see you when I have something to say...


  1. Even tho I don't enjoy colds, I like movie and pj days :)
    How does your LO like the bumbo? I'm pretty sure my 5 month old would love it since he likes to be included in everything :)

    1. well she loves to be able to see what her sister is doing!! you should get one, ours is from when Violet was a baby and still going strong, best thing ever :)


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