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June 24, 2013


wild thing / apparently she will now ride in the broken pram but only with a helmet on 
sick but still happy, the best baby / first time in the bumbo 
more bumbo / i would never usually post a toilet picture but she's just so silly 
incredible autumn morning with really low hot air balloons / really really low balloons! 
hot chips for lunch / after refusing the pram and breaking it Violet proceeded to refuse to get in the car because she wanted the pram. gahhhh! 
friends came over and violet has been "playing" them since. this one is called Meetchi (Nicki) / and this one is Danes (James) 

telling cars to watch out 

actually she was telling me she'd just drawn all over the wall and I didn't realise but this video SEEMS cute! 

What. On. Earth? Every day I'm confused by this toddler and what she thinks is funny 

On Sunday there was this dodgy looking guy hanging around our communal driveway being really weird. We even drove back because it didn't sit well with us and he was down the back where all the garages are. When we drove in he turned around and started coming back to the entrance. Anyway, long story short, we live in an area that's fairly gentrified but across the main road at the end of our street it can still be pretty seedy. There are lots of break ins in this city. So we're currently backing the computer up on an Apple time capsule that we went straight out and bought after the encounter with the suspicious guy hanging around on Sunday. I already had most of our photos backed up on USB sticks but I have a bad habit of misplacing them and they break so easily. We should have done it properly ages ago anyway. It's taking a LONG time to back the computer up, three days in total, and unfortunately for me we did it on Rob's profile so I can't access my stuff for another 20 hours so enjoy these very recent pictures from my phone. And some videos because Instagram video is great!


  1. Nice post with great details. She is so cute. Thanks for sharing. ucuz iphone 4

  2. iPhone photo posts are great! Your kids are adorable!



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