June 08, 2013

Today while we four are in the air between Melbourne and Sydney my friend Keri-Anne from the blog Gingerlillytea is filling in for me. You're welcome, she's awesome!

Hello Violet Lulu readers! I am so happy to be posting over here today whilst Hanna and her sweet family are off on holiday.  My name is Keri-Anne. I am a wife, mother, photographer, crafter, baker and blogger. I live with my family in the middle of England. We dream of living in a little cottage in the countryside and having some ducks and chickens. I love tea parties, baking, sewing and creating wonderful memories with my family.

Summers are wonderful for us. The weather here in England is not so great but the summer, we finally get a little warmth and get to go out on adventures. I love taking the girls out for the day with a teepee or tube of bubbles and of course a picnic. We have a long list of things we want to do this summer including strawberry picking and evening bbqs at the lake.

Creating memories is a huge thing for me. These little fairies are not going to stay so little forever and it is wonderful to have these photographs to look back on and remember the lovely days we are having. This is why i think blogging is such an important thing. Just a few photographs and words now about what we have been up to may not be exciting but in five years time, it will be the most exciting post for us all to read as a family. Reliving those days and showing the girls how happy they were and the kind of childhood we tried to create for them. I wish blogging and digital cameras were around when i was younger as i would love to have had all these memories to look back on. It’s like having one big story book of their lives. I hope that the adventures we are going on this summer will stay with them as real memories. I remember a lot from around the age of 4, so i am enjoying creating these days for the girls in the hope that those day will stay with them forever.

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