"dah nuh otay, montey!" (or, "that's not okay, monkey!")

June 21, 2013

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I'm often guilty of not taking notice of new stages of development before they smack me in the face, figuratively speaking, of course. Violet's newest is no different. I mean, it's not like I ignore her or anything crazy like that, we've played shops and turned the clothes horse into a house a bunch of times recently. We play dress ups and I watch her put her dolls and teddies to bed, or put nappies on them, or more often than not do it for her at her demand.

We've been a bit stuck at home the last week thanks to the ear infection and Beatie's nasty cold. Both Violet and I are going stir crazy, we hate being at home all day, even a trip to the supermarket seems to calm us down. But it started on the weekend, that she was desperate to go out and play in her play house. It was too cold for anyone to want to play with her, probably too cold for her to be out there too, especially unwell but she would not take no for an answer. Especially since she can now unlock the back door and open it herself. So we dressed her in warm clothes and waved her out the door. Damned if she wasn't out there for hours. And the next day. And the next day. And so I started to pay more attention to WHAT she was doing because she's a kid whose idea of doing her own thing is emptying my utensil drawer all over the floor and then showing me.

So I noticed that where she usually tell ME what she's doing when she plays make believe games, like saying "mummy, dey bed!" when she's putting a teddy to bed, she was talking to THEM. I watched her ask a monkey if he wanted a new nappy, a dolly if she wanted to go to bed. I watched her carry her glo-mesh purse (so glamorous, Violet!) out to the house and say "wets doh sopping" to the teddy she was carrying. When did that happen? Last I knew about these things my little buddy was prone to cocking her head and giving me "are you serious, how stupid do you think I am?" face every time I did voices for her toys. She's making up her own little world and I'm not really invited. That's so incredible to observe. As I carried her up the stairs to bed last night she waved around the living room and said "bye fwends". I hope they all said it back to her.


  1. That's adorable,

  2. Nawww!! So sweet! Isn't it funny how sometimes you just suddenly realize that your kids doing something new!! (Love her handbag!!)

  3. So adorable! A friend just asked me "when did your little one start doing that?" Umm?? I didn't really notice till now, but I guess a while.. hmm. Makes me feel like such an attentive parent! ;) Loving your blog! Wish I could find some adorable vintage clothes like yours! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! more info here: http://www.sandytoescreations.com/2013/06/who-has-best-up-and-coming-blog.html

  4. How sweet! I really love the pretend/imaginative play stage. It is amazing to watch!


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