bunkering down

June 25, 2013

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It is proper cold now, the kind where my feet hurt with cold if I go barefoot to the garage to retrieve Violet's scooter for some indoor scooting fun, which I just did. The days are still beautiful though with bright blue skies that make staying in out of the cold even harder. Beatie is still sick, she has a runny nose and a little cough. Violet's nose hasn't stopped running since she started day care. I'm making lists of all the places we can go this year, to curb the boredom when it's too cold for the park. Places with fences or doors and things to do but not things to break. Oh, for having a spirited child. Last year Violet was only just walking and content with play dates at friends houses. This year we're all afraid that our houses won't survive toddlerhood, especially if they come in groups. At least they have each other. Beatie is fascinated by Violet, her eyes follow her all over the room. And Violet is a love bug for Beatie too, wanting to "hole Beatie" all the time, playing this little piggy on her toes and calling for her from bed at night. I see lots of children's museum trips in our future, play centres and at home lots of dancing, drawing and walks to Pearl Oyster for takeaway coffees and someone's first hot chocolate.


  1. how about i give you some of our heat, and you can give me some of your cold. that way we'll be a bit in the middle.

    1. so right after i wrote this we've had 3 days of glorious warm-cool weather. Please tell me you've had the same so I can continue believing our trade worked??


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