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June 13, 2013

Hannah from All Of My Days has the best proposal story. I tweeted about it everywhere when she first told it, so I'm pretty glad she's letting me share it here. Enjoy.

Hello to all of Hanna's readers. My name is also Hannah and when Hanna asked me to provide a post for the blog I was so excited and proud. I knew straight away what post I wanted to share with you all and I hope this it inspires you all. It is my most read post on my blog and one I am proud to share.

On the 5th May the boy and I had planned to visit my family for dinner along with his family as well. What I didn't know is that this day would change my life forever and I would be going home an engaged lady.



So here's how it went. "Hannah can you look in the post box" said my mum. Opening the letter box I found a envelope with Hannah written on it. In confusion I opened the tiny envelope and inside were pictures of my dear Keri-Anne and her girls, a map of my parents house and a note saying 'Facetime us we can help'. So I called her. "Your first clue is inside the potty inside the spare bedroom" I dashed upstairs, still not really understanding what was going on to find another little envelope waiting for me. Inside were pictures of Laura and Paul and a note saying, you will receive a text message from me soon.True to her word a picture message came through with another clue on it. 'Your next clue is in the suitcases' I dashed downstairs to find mums stack of suitcases. Inside the next envelope were pictures of my dear Canadian Soul Mate, Amber. This is when I started to tear up. Inside was another clue. 'My Facebook status will help you on your way'. True Amber style she forgot to do the status but Lee had done one for her. 'I wish I was in the girl guides tin in the lounge' Searching for the tin, I started to get this giddy feeling inside but was uncertain so I kept going. My next clue was from my IG friend Katie 'Look at my latest IG picture'. Katie had tagged me in a picture of a dolls house she had drawn. This was an easy clue and I went straight to the dolls house upstairs and found the next clue. Inside were pictures of my bestest friend in the whole world Martin. 'You haven't called me in awhile' I picked up my phone and straight away dialled his number. "I'm supposed to give you a clue" he said "Its in a dark place where fire goes" I laughed at this so called cryptic message and went straight to the fire place in the lounge. Nope not there, next fire place. Nope not there... Then mum said there is one in the kitchen (hint hint) This where I found my second from last clue. It was my Dad. 'Give me a text, I know where your last clue is' 10 minutes later I received a text from my Dad saying "Look in the freezer". Strange place to hide a clue but it was a decoy really to get me to face away from the windows so him and my Dad could run past and get to the garden.


Inside the last envelope was a key with found written on it and a map with X marks the spot on it which lead me out into the garden. I waited a few minutes to catch my breath as I was so excited. I took a deep breath and walked outside to find my Dad and all the males of the family sitting outside and Lee standing in front of me. He got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me"


My heart skipped and of course I said YES!

So there you have it. My boys proposal. A thoughtful and amazing proposal that involved everyone I love most in the world. Never have I felt as much love as I did at that moment and I feel so blessed. Lee is my forever and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life making more memories like these with him by my side.


Here is to the future and all the memories we are going to create together.


  1. Can just imagine that giddy feeling growing stronger and stronger with each clue! What a beautiful story and thank you for sharing :)

    1. Oh wow it's like you were there. I did get giddy but I literally had no clue, I thought my friends had all got together to do something for me. It wasn't still my dads clue that I had some idea. X

  2. It really was. I am a lucky girl x


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