Violet's 2nd birthday

May 13, 2013

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We started Violet's birthday off nice and early with pancakes covered in berries. Violet also insisted on having 3 bananas and since it was her birthday, we couldn't say no! She did want a 4th (what?) but we managed to avoid a toddler tantrum by hiding them and telling her they were all gone. The aim for the day was for no tears, even if that meant doing crazy things, like letting a 2 year old eat 4 pancakes and 3 bananas for breakfast! After breakfast we moved on to everybody's favourite: presents! I've got to say, this year opening presents was so insanely awesome. Asking Violet if she'd like a present and seeing her face actually light up, then replying "pesents? OTAY!" is just the best thing ever. Actually the best thing ever was her face as she opened the presents and saw the toys. And then the best thing ever was watching her be shown how to use the toys, and the grin she had from ear to ear as she tried to do it herself. Obviously our '2 presents only' rule was broken. Some-daddy couldn't help himself and even came home with ANOTHER present the day before her birthday. What a nut! I'm glad about it after having seen her be so excited though.

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She scored a drum, a harmonica, a ukelele, a pair of red gumboots and her favourite gift of them all: a scooter that she adorably calls 'stooze' because she can't talk properly because she's only two (she's really two now! Simultaneous happy and sad faces).

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We spent the morning playing together before it was time to take Daddy to work and Violet to day care. I nearly pulled her out for the day but after realising that I was being selfish (playing with your friends on the slides outside all day is way more fun than hanging out with your mum who has to also take care of a newborn) I settled on taking her later and picking her up earlier. So she could have the best of both worlds. After I picked her up we came home and had a birthday cupcake with candles that she was totally in awe of until I asked her to blow them out. Then she was suddenly scared of them and refused to blow them out! The cake she did not refuse however, of course! She's also still, several days later, insisting on wearing her helmet (or 'hat' as she's calling it) around the house whenever we're home. Safety first!

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After cake we spent the afternoon and evening, which was uncharacteristally warm, drawing with chalk and riding her scooter in the courtyard. I made her favourite for dinner, ravioli with hidden veggie sauce and she got to watch some tv shows. She got to stay up late so we could pick Rob up from work at 9:30pm so the two of them could see each other and he could put her to bed on her birthday. I asked her while we were waiting in the car if she'd had a good birthday and she asked for cuddles. She doesn't say yes so I'm taking that to mean she did!

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  1. Happy birthday Violet. I want some of those pancakes - they look amazing. Also, I love how the presents were wrapped! Looks like a great day.

    1. thank you! the presents were all from local shops and they do a good wrap, that's for sure!

  2. I love her new gum boots with her pajamas :)

  3. Haha I love the picture of her with the helmet on in front of the cake and candles. That's pretty priceless. :)

    1. it is isn't it? it's pretty funny when she's getting a nappy change wearing a helmet or trying to go to bed wearing it too!


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