May 04, 2013

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Last night around 3am we had a visitor in our bed. More like a guest actually, she came to stay. We woke to terrified crying noises from Violet's room. The details are actually fairly hazy because I'm TERRIBLE at being woken in the night and even worse when I try to function on less sleep than usual. Thank goodness for 2 babies who have been immaculate night sleepers. Anyway, sometimes Violet cries briefly in her sleep. She's not awake but she will be if you go to her and then no one is going back to sleep. Last night she was awake though. She came running into our room crying and Rob must have pulled her into our bed. At 5am she was awake for a good hour, pulling back the covers as she played, freezing us. I actually didn't even remember her coming in or that she was there, that's how bad I am in the middle of the night. I scowled at Rob with squinty not really awake eyes and said "what is she doing here?" which is when he reminded me of the nightmare. I love hearing her ask "diss? diss?" followed by slightly wet or snotty kisses on my forehead, ear, cheeks and mouth but not at 5am. We started threatening. "Lay back down or it's back to your bed", "do you want to go back to bed?", "it's sleep time Violet, lay down and sleep or you'll go back to bed". I think I was in and out of sleep and eventually just in sleep because the next thing I knew it was 7:30am and Beatie was fussing for food. I shook Rob to ask him to pass her to me to feed and he said, still asleep "Lay back down Violet. Do you want to go back to your bed?". I couldn't help but laugh as I shook him a bit further awake and showed him Violet who was fast asleep between us, her thick lashes fluttering sweetly on her cheek and her mouth wide open. As I fed Beatie and my brain started to wake up properly I realised the awesomeness of what had happened. Our little girl had her first nightmare so scary that it woke her from sleep and came looking for us to comfort her. We are her safe place. Pretty ordinary, I know, of course a toddler looks to her parents in the night when she's afraid. But really really, we're somebody's parents and we've done a good enough job that that somebody wants us when she's frightened. Pretty awe inspiring, if you ask me.


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  1. Aww bless little Violet! Hopefully she wont have anymore anytime soon *big huggles* xx


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