Happy Birthday Violet!

May 09, 2013

from Easter Sunday morning

Darling Violet,

Yesterday was your birthday. We've got lots of pictures to show you of the best day you've ever had (I think and hope) but today I just wanted to tell you how special you are. I'm so excited for 2. Each day that passes see you learning more and more ways to communicate. It's making you much happier, to be able to make us laugh and to be able to let us know what you want. Mostly you're into making us laugh. This morning you said a bad word and we kind of giggled because it was a shock and you said it over and over and over again, cracking yourself up more and more each time even though you had no idea what the word means or why we laughed. That's probably not our finest parenting moment but you have been doing this with EVERYTHING you say that makes us laugh. Did you know you're amazing at the alphabet? Have I told you this? You can pick out any letter on any sign and tell me what it is. You can spell out your name, V-I-O-L-E-T...RYYYYRETTTTTT, and you can spell out WANT and MUMMY too. You asked the other day how to spell Beatie.

Anyway, less about what you can do, more about who you are. You are the funniest little ham I've ever met, you're getting sillier by the day. You're so tough, no falls or scrapes make you cry, ever. Sometimes days later when you bruises have come up you tell me you have an owie and ask me to kiss it better..."all beettah!". You love physical activity and rough housing. Say no to sitting still, cuddling or relaxing, not even to read stories. You prefer to have your stories shouted to you across the room as you run back and forth yelling "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Slides are your jam, you new scooter is your new best friend (after your water bottle, that's still number 1, heaven help me if I ever don't bring it, even outside to play in the courtyard) and "PRAAAYYYYY!" is what you shout at the top of your lungs for long minutes at a time when you realise we're on our way to the park. You're also a little mummy too though. Ok, so you sweetly put your teddies and dolls to bed with cuddles one minute then pick them up and throw them violently while laughing in the next breath but you still love to nurture. Every soft toy and doll you own gets fed, changed and snuggled. You have enough love to give them all. You also think Beatie is your baby. You get very distressed when you think I've lost her or left her behind because you can't see her and you get very cross when I leave her dummy lying around. Even crosser when she won't take the dummy you try to put in her mouth (she doesn't like them at all) and you've started trying to pick her up from her rug and bouncer. Thankfully you're not strong enough yet to even get her off the ground at all but if ever a baby was kissed, cuddled, patted or stroked more I would like to meet him/her.

I wonder if and when you ever read this you will still like bananas as much as you do now? I wonder if you will still love as fiercely, laugh as often or run as wild as you do now? I know you will still be as beautiful. I know you will still be as loved.

Happy 2nd Birthday baby, you're the coolest.


  1. What a lil cutie, love that costume!!

  2. Very sweet! I'm impressed by her spelling ability and letter recognition! Love her little outfit. She looks like a little "wild thing"

  3. i love this letter to your sweet girl

  4. Aww this is adorable and the sweetest thing! I'm sure Violet will look back at these posts and smile. Your a wonderful Mama :)

    Lulu xx

  5. Thanks for the love! Returning the favor and now following! :)

  6. Your blog is so cute!! Following you back on GFC! :) Don't forget to enter my Stella & Dot giveaway if you haven't already!


  7. How incredibly special.. this post will be the best gift she receives! A little late, I know, by thanks for stopping by the Mom's Monday Mingle... can't believe it is Friday already! Following you everywhere... sounds creepy, but it's not. Really.

  8. Such sweet words!! She's such a clever little poppet with her spelling!! (A bit of closet mum-jealousy there!lol) You have a beautiful wee girl there!!


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