Birthday party weekend, day 2

May 31, 2013

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More party! More presents! More jelly! Which we (Violet) like now, apparently. As long as it isn't green. I hardly saw Violet during this party, the days of her being a sticky-bug on my leg in large groups have long gone. I thank/blame day care. At least now we know I have clinginess for her just as much as she did for me. Did. The longest I saw her for was when I caught her with a cup of jelly in her teeth, one in each hand and trying to figure out how to get hold of the other two cups she had moved away from the main plate and had to wrestle them back. We compromised on 2 jelly cups without the chocolate frogs that were swimming in them but neither of us was happy with this arrangement. She was happy that she got to unwrap a present at this party though, "peasants" are her favourite this month.

This was our mother's group 2nd birthday party, wherein all 15 tots that we met back when Violet was 6 weeks old and the council invited us by mail to become friends, turned 2. Recently, not on that one day, that would be crazy. Crazy is also thinking about how, with little to nothing in common, 15 strangers and their 15 babies have met every week for 2 years, give or take 6 weeks. And through birthday parties, Christmas parties and Dads pub nights the daddies have become friends too. These babies had better be friends for life, that would be really cool.

I had dinner and drinks with the mums of mother's group last night and we've got Violet's very small, very casual birthday brunch on Sunday and then no more birthday parties, ever because otherwise my kid might turn into a lump of sugar (or a chip).


  1. Been browsing your pages for a bit now and I love your space and world. So glad you visited now following you.

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  3. I'm in the mood for jelly now after reading this! It'll be great if they do all stay friends as they get older :)

    Lulu xx


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