Birthday party weekend, day 1

May 30, 2013

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I'm dubbing this weekend gone The Weekend of Birthday Parties. Actually, I may as well just dub the month of May Birthday Party Month and be done with it. Most of Violet's toddler pals come from the mother's group I was set up with by our council 6 weeks after birthing Violet and their birthdays are all within 8 weeks of each other. My other mummy friend who has nothing to do with mother's group also just happened to give birth 4 days after me. So all but 2 of Violet's friends celebrate their birthdays in April or May. Last week we had Juno's party, this week on the Saturday we had her other best buddy P's birthday.

Rob works on Saturdays and the party was at Monkey Mania (only the coolest indoor play center around) which has a climbing theme...not super conducive to fun with 2 kids when one can't move or be left alone, so I asked my friend and Beatie's godmother Caitlin to come along and help out slash enjoy the awesome. In the end Violet did not even spend that much time on the play equipment, even though the speed slides are her favourite thing ever, because they had the disco room going. Imagine a room with a tiny door, disco lights, all the boppiest, poppiest hits playing loudly, a machine squirting bubbles into the air, 3 or 4 twenty something employees who need a pay rise because they were dancing like no one was watching, even though about 25 parents were constantly watching and some poor sucker in a monkey suit trying to dance in a way that DIDN'T lead to the giant, giant monkey head giving into gravity. Violet was tickled pink. And she fell in love for the very first time. That poor monkey couldn't even take a break in break room without her waiting outside the door for him? her? Violet was doing my favourite dance moves, where she gets so into it that she's bouncing up and down to hard to stick to any beat. She could give Beyonce a run for her money with her bum drops.

As is to be expected when you get 10 tots together at a play center, we hardly saw P's parents, except during the cake and presents. Monkey Mania did such a good job, all of the kids got a plate full of sandwich and fairy bread, bowls of cheezels to help themselves to, a cup of jelly and someone walking around the table filling up their water cups and bringing them cake. I love that last detail because it was lovely to see the kids being treated so special. Violet did not care for her green jelly but that didn't stop her from eating it! It was so funny, with each spoonful she pulled the most disgusted face...and then reached for another spoonful. Typically, she also claimed ownership over the cheezels and tried to take them out of the room to go play when she had finished eating. We also had to pull her out of 2 other party rooms when she went on stealth missions to steal their cheezels. Try explaining to a 2 year old why they can't take cheezels down the slide.


  1. What a hectic month!! The joys of ante-natal groups! Monkey Mania sounds Awesome!!

  2. Wow! Your one busy bee this month! It made me chuckle when reading about Violets 'bum drops' and the green jelly! Haha! Violet really does have the cutest personality :)

    Lulu xx

  3. I lvoe the story about the green jelly beans! So cute!


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