Beatrix: one + two months

May 12, 2013

1 month IMG_7725 IMG_7728

Sweet Beatie,

At 1 month you couldn't do much of anything except go cross eyed as you tried to focus on your sister's face when she got up in your face. You did that a lot because she did that a lot. You mostly just lay still (smelling amazing like newborn babies do) and slept 50 minutes in every hour, pursing your sweet pink lips in your sleep. Maybe you were dreaming of milk, I'm not sure what else you would have been dreaming of. We had lots of adventures in your first month but I don't think you noticed, you slept through most of them and snuggled into my neck or chest for the rest of them. Your neck was very strong, I remember thinking that often, though you hated tummy time. I loved every minute of your tiny, floppy baby time.

two months IMG_8176 IMG_8173 IMG_8151

At 5 and a half weeks you smiled for the first time. It was just once but it melted my heart. A few days later our friend Lulu came to meet you and you just exploded with smiles for her. It was beautiful. After that you smiled more often, mostly at the musical mobile above your bed. Now, 2 weeks on, there's not much you won't smile at if we try. You respond best to smiles from us and silly dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba (your sister's current favourite). Your smile is very beautiful. You follow your sister across the room with your eyes. Wherever she runs to your little eyes, wide and looking surprised, follow with your head not far behind. I don't blame you, she's pretty exciting. You're probably trying to keep your eyes on her to anticipate the next time she sits on you and kiss attacks you. You can roll from your back onto your tummy, not on purpose but you do it almost every time I put you down. You cannot roll from your tummy to your back, likely because you still hate tummy time and I don't push it as often as I should. When I can get you to stay on your tummy for a few minutes you are able to lift your head quite far off the ground and hold it there. You're pretty good at holding your head up when held upright, though you get tired after a while. You're not a floppy baby anymore! You stay awake from much longer between feeds, though you still sleep for most of the day. I'm starting to see that you're getting towards having two big sleeps a day instead of sleeping between every feed. We're not quite there yet though. You still wake at 3am and 5:30am for feeds but you still don't really wake up at that time. You just feed yourself back to sleep and that's the end of it. We're so lucky to have had two fantastic night sleepers. You've just started holding your arm outstretched in front of your face and scowling at your fist. I remember when your sister started doing the same thing. We joked that she was realising that her fist belonged to her and that she could move it but no joke, I think that's actually what's happening.

You love to be held. Upright or laying down snuggled into my chest, you don't care, you just love cuddles. I love that. My favourite time in our day is after your sisters nap we all take a few minutes in mine and daddy's bed snuggling and letting your sister wake up. She cuddles into my body on one side, you on the other, the tops of your heads touching on my tummy. I stroke both of your hairs and think about how amazing it is to create life. So very cool.


  1. Look at that big smile and those pursed lips! Luke & I were talking the other day about what little babies dream of, and we think its milk too. When Romy sleeps she has the biggest smile on her face and it is just the cutest thing. Babies are the best time wasters.

  2. She is so gorgeous! What a beautiful post. It sounds like you have two wonderful girls :)

  3. AW! I wish I had done monthly updates like that. Good job:).

    New follower of yours via bloglovin'- met you through the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop! Thanks for linking up I am so happy we are connected! Hope you can follow back:).


  4. She is so adorable. Can't wait for more updates :)


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