Nanny comes to stay

April 30, 2013

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This is Rob's mum, my mother-in-law. She came to visit for a long weekend just before Easter, the first family member other than Rob's brother to meet Beatie. I've heard some pretty full on mother-in-law stories. Even some fairly tame ones that still deserve an eyebrow raise. Thankfully Nanny (as she's called by Violet) is nothing like any of those stories. Nanny is incredible. For instance, she raised 5 kids on her own and she's still sane. Incredible! I'm so lucky to be marrying into her family. She is the kind of person I like calling for no reason and she's got the best advice whenever something is wrong with one of the kids (most of it starts with calm down, it's not as bad as it seems). Sometimes she sends videos of her little dog running around for Violet to watch and she's an amazing quilter. Both the girls sleep under her quilts, that she made just for them with their own personalities in mind.

She also sews clothes for Violet and knitted Beatie's first outfit. I'm a terrible crafter and cannot for the life of me find time to learn to use my sewing machine so I'm really grateful that someone is into making things for the girls! (My mum is in charge of making cool felt play food). Probably the coolest thing about Nanny though is that her favourite tv shows are Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. She's clearly not boring. When she came to stay we spent lots of time cuddling babies and swapping when we needed to cuddle the other baby, doing chalk drawings in our courtyard and letting Nanny do what Nanny does best which is making incredible food out of super duper whole grains and vegetables that I never would have thought to use together. If only we could one day be successful in our constant pleas for her to move from her home in Tasmania to somewhere right around the corner.


  1. This is the sweetest post. Nana sounds lovely. :) It's so wonderful for the kiddos that you love your mother-in-law, kids just adore being around family. I was talking to my father last weekend about how lucky I feel that I love being around family. Mateo just eats it up. Of course it's lovely when I get to have my family around but I also want M to be around my husband's family as well. Unfortunately they all live far away, but YAY, we just put together our summer and we're off to Croatia (and a few other spots) for the summer so the little guy can get lots of grandparents and cousin time.

  2. So sweet to spend special time with grandparents! I love it

    Kendra @ openspaces

  3. So nice! She sounds like a wonderful lady!



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