Beautiful girl

April 15, 2013

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Beatrix Pearl at 1 week old.

It still blows my mind how easily Beatie has fit into our family. I honestly had prepared myself for being up all night, for pacing the floor with an inconsolable newborn and for trying to navigate sibling jealousy kindly and compassionately. None of that happened, it feels like Beatie has always been a part of our family and like she's not a newborn at all. Even these pictures don't look like a one week old baby to me, I feel like she's an old soul or something, much bigger on the inside than she is on the outside.

I would want you to know how much your sister loved you right from the beginning. From the day you were born your name has been the first thing she has said every morning. "Beatie? Beatie?" She wants to kiss and cuddle you every time and delights in burping you or trying to calm you down when you are upset. I would want you to know that I remember the exact moment that I fell in love with you after you were born and that it did hit me like a steam train, like butterflies exploding in my tummy all the way up to my chin. I would want you to know that every single time in your tiny life that you have woken in the night so far it has been your dad that has gone to you. He wakes, picks you up out of your bassinet, passes you to me and then tucks you back in when you have eaten. Every night, no matter how tired or sick or how long his working day is the next day. He wants you to know that he was there for you at night, even though he couldn't be during the day. I would want you to know how much we all three love and adore you, unconditionally, forever.


  1. She is so beautiful Hanna! I cannot wait for all of this excitement!

    1. oh I'm so excited for you, you already know how amazing it's going to be but I can't wait for you to document everything and read it x

  2. So sweet how much her sister loves her! Such a beautiful baby!


  3. She really is beautiful! She looks so big and alert already! My son was like that, he seemingly seemed to skip being an infant.

    I just looked through your post on raising girls. So sweet. It's so special seeing your girls together. :)

  4. Just Gorgeous!! Love how she just looks so laid back!!

  5. So beautiful and what a perfect name! x

  6. Ohh Hanna! Beatie is so beautiful and looks so much like Violet! Perfect little family and I had a tear in my eye reading your little note to her :) Lulu xx

  7. awwww, she is so cute. adorable :)


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