A few of my favourite things

April 18, 2013

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These are a few of my favourite things that Violet says and does at 23 months.


-"SWARRRRRCH!" (demanding a tummy tickle (we say tummy scratch because everyone in this house likes to be tickle-scratched, I like legs, Rob likes head and evidently Violet likes tummy)
-"Beatie sad, batch?" (Beatie is crying and Violet wants to know if she needs patting on the back or burping)
-"mummy's, daddy's" (she has started pointing out things that belong to either mummy or daddy)
-"tuddle?" (finally, our wormy-squirmy super independent baby wants to be cuddled!!! who knew all it would take to get that to happen would be having another child..)
-"shamooch" (sandwich, the evolution of 'SHAMee')
-"beef" (grapes. what the hay? i don't get this one little bit other than that she's obsessed with playing piggies on her toes and one gets beef, Violet doesn't eat meat so she doesn't know what beef is but why she's made grapes beef I can't say.)
-"meaty" (ah, she sometimes calls Beatie meaty instead. maybe she's trying to tell me something..)
-"did you sttttttyyyyyy?" (we were on a swing together the other day and i asked her when we got off "did you see the sky?" she's been obsessed with asking 100 times a day ever since.)
-"Char, Tine, Jude, Doo, Archoo" (Char, Clementine, Jude, ??, Archie- her friends at daycare, she talks about them all the time)
-"Tar. Daddy. Tar? Daddy?" (100 million times a day, just letting me know she thinks we should get in the car and go pick up Daddy at work.)
-"puh toe" (play doh!)


-she asks several times a day where Toddy, Grandad, Grandma, Nanny and Juno are. Since I always say their at their own houses she now adds 'huss' after each question.
-kissing, cuddling, burping and stroking Beatie. i can't stop talking/writing about this because it melts my heart
-about 2 weeks ago Violet started climbing out of her cot so we took the side down and gave her her toddler bed. now she walks into our bedroom in the morning pleased as punch with herself saying "mummy! daddy! beatie!" over and over until we all wake up
-"helping" me change Beatie's nappy, making me change her dolls nappies or breast feed her dolls. it's so cute, she's a little mummy


  1. Aww adorable favourite sayings and dos! Violet is such a little sweetheart and seems to love the role of being a big sister. Cutest thing ever! :) xx

    1. She does! You and your little sisters are so cute together too :) xx

  2. Gah, she's just the sweetest lil thing!! It's def' a special moment when they love on their little siblings!! I love that grapes have become 'beef'! That's hilarious!

    1. I can't believe how special it really is, still! 'beef' is just killing me and now Rob has started calling them that too..poor old Violet is getting set up for some weird looks in the playground

  3. Thanks for the latest comments on our name saga =)

    I, personally, love both your girls' names!!!




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