Spinach and cherry tomato quiche (a recipe)

January 09, 2013

I'm not stupid, I realise how easy quiche is to make and that there are 100 million recipes on the internet. This used to be one of them. Unfortunately, despite having altered the ever-loving crap out of it (the original has less eggs, less cheese and ingredients like caramelised onions and some kind of sausage to name a few of the changes I made) I can't actually remember how to make it unless I'm staring at the original recipe. At least now I'll be able to look at my own blog instead of trying to remember what the quiche I'm not making is called and googling it. It's also really, really, really good, you should try it.

Vegetarian Baseless Quiche.


4 eggs
1 1/2 cups of milk
1/2 cup of self-raising flour
1 1/2 cups of grated tasty cheese
1 tub of cherry or grape tomatoes
1 packet of frozen spinach (approx 250g but it doesn't have to be exact), thawed.
salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius (355 degrees fahrenheit).

Get your quiche dish ready. Mine is a 4cm deep, 24 cm ovenproof fluted ceramic quiche dish that does not seem to need to be greased.

Whisk together eggs, milk and flour in a bowl until there are no lumps.

Squeeze all the water out of your thawed spinach over the sink and add the spinach to the egg mixture.

Quarter your cherry or grape tomatoes and add them to the mixture too.

Add the cheese, salt and pepper and stir until everything is combined.

Pour into the quiche dish and cook in oven for 40 mins.

Leave to stand for 5 mins before serving.


  1. That looks delicious. I might just have to try my first quiche!
    Thanks for stopping by the friends to followers blog hop! Would love for you to follow along :)


  2. What a pretty dish! I've never made a quiche before, believe it or not! I'll have to try it!
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

  3. looks so great! I will have to make this for my future hubby :)

  4. This looks yummy! I've never made a quiche before. I'm the baker the boyfriend is the cook so i'll have to request this one evening. Oh by the way congrats on the new baby arriving soon! I'm stopping by from the Thursday blog hop. I hope your & the fam are having a great one!


  5. This looks so delicious! Yummy! Love your blog. Your newest follower from A Lovely Blog Hop! :)

    Kathy @ lifeonlakeshoredrive.com

  6. This sounds right up my alley! I have to try it!!! :) And thank you for your lovely comment! You are so sweet!

    This Lovely Little Day

  7. Yummy. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. Love veggie meals like this.

  8. Hmmm, going to attempt this now! If i don't blog again it's because my cooking skills couldn't cope with it!lol

  9. Oh I love quiche! This one looks like a winner. Just found your blog via the blog hop... it is a lovely blog.


  10. Yay, my attempt was successful!! Thanks for the new meal!! :)


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