Over the weekend

January 29, 2013

We had an extra busy weekend, socially, this week but it seems I only remembered to take pictures of food. Not even great pictures of food. I'm sure that's 90% blameable on pregnancy given that food is pretty much all I think about at the moment. I took Saturday evening off to go out for dinner and a movie with a girlfriend. I ate vegetarian Korean BBQ at Yong Green Food on Brunswick Street, a favourite restaurant and we saw Silver Lining Playbook which made me laugh out loud. I hadn't seen this girlfriend, Caitlin, in just over a month thanks to conflicting schedules so we had a lot to catch up on. It was so lovely to have a whole evening out, I didn't get home until midnight which used to be a fairly lame effort but these days is akin to staying out all night.

We spent Sunday around the house, doing some cleaning and having a friend who was visiting from Tasmania over for the afternoon. Violet spent lots of time with Rob as I was feeling fairly tired and took a long nap. She loves being alone with her dad, we are making real effort at the moment for the two of them to have more quality one on one time. It's hard because Rob is at work for such long hours that whenever he is home we all kind of want to be together. We recently realised though that not having one on one time with him was causing Violet some upset so we're sacrificing some of our togetherness so that they can have some more. Sunday evening was Rob's belated work Christmas party, a dinner and drinks at Little Creatures in Fitzroy. My friend Bernadette came over to babysit Violet while Rob and I went out. From the text updates I received, they had a blast together at the park and at home with the bubble machine.

I told Bernadette that she didn't need to stick too closely to Violet's bedtime routine since I was going to have to be getting her up to drop Bern home and then probably again to pick Rob up (since he could drink and I couldn't). They played way past her bedtime and apparently Violet insisted that the bubble machine be on the whole time. At some point it ran out of batteries which she found extremely upsetting since she was tired. Apparently she took herself to the staircase when she realised it couldn't be turned on again and lay down on the stairs to cry. She fell asleep there about 5 minutes before I got home and I walked in the door to find Bern trying to move her, all floppy, to bed. I wish I'd taken a picture of her sleeping on the stairs, for a one off occasion it was incredibly cute. Luckily she stayed asleep when I strapped her into the car seat.

Meanwhile, we were eating plate after plate of food that Rob's boss had pre-ordered and everyone except me was getting quite drunk. There's only so long you can sit somewhere when your back is aching and you're the only sober person though so I left Rob to it and came home. From his account I think he had a fairly good time. The next day, Monday, he had asked to take the day to himself to organise and research his shoot coming up next Sunday but he was feeling just a little bit sorry for himself so we spent the morning lazily. I've started feeling sad when I'm tired this last week or so. Really sad, the kind where there isn't a reason and I can't shake it no matter how hard I try. After three late nights and early mornings I was just miserable. I tried to find reasons for the sadness but even when I talked them out it wouldn't go away. Rob made french toast to try to cheer me up.

It was delicious but it didn't work. So we watched a movie together during Violet's nap. That didn't work either. Eventually I went up to bed to nap, I could tell I was ruining Rob's day and I wasn't having a good time either. A nap was exactly what I needed. I woke up a couple of hours later to Rob's invitation to come to the swimming pool with them and I was feeling 100% better. I usually feel guilty napping during the day because it's such a privilege to be able to stay home with Violet that I shouldn't really take advantage by being "lazy" as well but it turns out pregnancy plus sleep deprivation makes me miserable. We had a great hour at the pool, playing with a ball and loving being all together. When we got home I felt like a brand new person. I made pasta (sauce pictured below) for dinner and by that time Rob was feeling up to working on his work stuff so I left him to it. He made great headway and came up to bed feeling great about it. I can't wait to see what it looks like.


  1. how sweet is Rob for making you french toast to cheer you up :)
    I agree that taking a nap can totally cheer me up instantly some days!

  2. Yummo! So, if I get pregnant again, it's a great excuse for eating all kinds of yummy things... right? I'm worried because I now know I need to be off gluten, making craving things harder next pregnancy!!!


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