Over the weekend

January 20, 2013

clothing is optional at home for this toddler in the heat

This one has been a short weekend for us. Rob had only one day off before going to assist his boss on a photo shoot today. What time we did have though, was spectacular. I've probably mentioned feeling a little trapped of late, it's hard being super pregnant AND having a toddler. Not that I didn't know that was going to be the case when we planned to have another baby but we have spent more time at home of late than I would like. Rob has been listening to my tales of cabin fever woe apparently because when Violet and I decided to pick him up from work on Saturday evening as a surprise it turned out he had one of his own! He took us to our first drive-in movie! We bought cheese and crackers and bunches of other snacks and lollies. Violet, who is amazing at sleeping anywhere as long as she's tired enough, went to sleep happily in her car seat just as the movie started and we got to have a date night without the pressure of organising a babysitter! It was just the best. We saw Gangster Squad but honestly I would have enjoyed watching Crappy McCrapperson takes on Crappyland, it was just so nice to be doing something that other people get to do (go to the movies) on a real date with my love who works too hard.

Yesterday we decided to relax for the most part. We woke late, cleaned the house together and went to Bunnings for some gardening and assorted stuff. Mostly for some pavers to anchor the outdoor umbrella so that Violet and I can spend more time outside without cooking. When we got home Violet helped me water the plants with a watering can then we broke out the bubble machine and chased bubbles together, all three. I planted some herbs we picked up at Bunnings while Rob and Violet went out together to the car wash for some Daddy-daughter time. We spent our evening cooking and Rob worked on the written submission for his Hair Expo shoot while I watched awful tv. We also learned that our next door neighbours had their baby the day before yesterday, a little boy named Dominic. I think a very quiet and relaxing day was exactly what we needed.

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  1. Hello sweetie.
    Oh Violet is such a cutie! Hope you are holding up ok xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. oh yes, everything is going well, can't wait for this heat to go away though! Every time I see pictures of your snow I sigh, haha xoxox

  2. I love it when babies try to clean, it's the cutest thing! Stopping by from Aloha Friday and I am now your newest follower. I look forward to a long blog relationship with you and can't wait to see what you come up with next!


    1. the cutest thing ever! and i love how proud they are when you give them praise for it x

  3. haha, put that baby to work! They enjoy chores so much more at that age, it seems!

    1. not so many years before the teen years, better enjoy that baby-maid!

  4. haha this is such a great post ;) cute blog!


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