Over the weekend

January 15, 2013


We had an unprecedented 3 day weekend here as I woke up on Tuesday with horrible pelvic and thigh pain. I had a hospital midwife appointment and no idea how I was going to manage getting Violet and I there or take care of her in between since I could barely move myself so Rob took the day off work to help. Rob never takes a day off, for illness or anything else so it was a pretty huge deal and since no one was sick, just sore, it kind of felt like a holiday (to me at least).

We spent Sunday having play dates with our friends and their daughter Poppy and picking up a new umbrella for our deck. The summer heat on the wood and concrete as well as the lack of shade has made the outdoor area fairly unusable in the middle of the day so we really needed something that will let Violet and I play out there when it's too hot to go to the park. I'm really excited for this mornings plan to play with water and bubbles under the shade of our new umbrella! On Monday afternoon we packed up the car and made a drive out of the city to celebrate some friends buying a house in a little country town an hour away with a house warming party. Going from living in the inner city to a tiny town in the country must be so strange but they seem to be loving it. Violet wore her party dress (pictured above). We ate sweets, cakes and drank Sarsaparilla, played with their new puppy and Violet ran around like a mad thing. She also made huge messes with the chalk much to the hilarious disapproval of their 4 year old daughter!

We spent Monday shopping in the city, both of us desperately needed some new clothes. Mine are starting to not fit and at this stage last pregnancy the temperature was cooling down but this time it's too hot to wear the things I was able to fit into then. I managed to find a bunch of vintage dresses that will work after pregnancy as well.

Yesterday Rob came to the hospital with us for a check up and heard our baby's heart beat for the first time outside of an ultrasound. That's pretty special if you ask me. We learned that the baby has been doing some extra growing in the last 4 weeks as previously it's been measuring about 2 weeks smaller (consistently which was not worrying unless the growth slowed to less than 1cm per week according to the midwives) than my due date but this visit we're up to just 33.5cm at 33w6d. That's just half a cm short of "normal"! I tried hard to come up with some questions to ask but to be honest everything from giving birth to Violet is still fresh in my memory and anything outside of that experience would be hard to anticipate since Violet's birth was pretty much the definition of standard (though quick) births.

After the hospital we picked up Rob's brother who moved over from Tasmania yesterday and went to get some lunch. We all agreed that I needed a break, since an extra day is so rare and I couldn't really do much anyway so I decided to go to the movies by myself. I used to live a 5 minute walk from a cinema and would go by myself at least once a week during the day but I haven't done that since Violet was born. I really like it! It's not exactly a social activity anyway. I picked Les Mis since Rob hates musicals and I love them. It was the best to sit there uninterrupted for a whole 3 hours doing something no one else in my family would like to do. Violet and Rob went to the eye doctor and the playground for a couple of hours. We finished a perfect day off with taco night at our house with Rob's brother and Violet stayed up WAY past her bedtime.


  1. I love the account of your weekend. Violets looks pretty in her dress :)


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