Maternity Wear- week 32

January 07, 2013


dress: thrifted//brooch: ebay//rings: engagement and 1920s costume piece from

Jean Jean Vintage

//shoes: jeffrey campbell (via ModCloth)

Violet: dress: Pumpkin Patch//diaper cover: thrifted//shoes: Crayons via Mathers.

So far in this pregnancy I have managed to once again avoid buying maternity clothes by having the largest wardrobe known to womankind. In my early 20s I bought vintage and thrifted dresses in sizes up to 4x too big for me, then amateurishly took them in. Unsurprisingly they were very easy to take out again (mostly because they were 'taken in' with safety pins or hand stitches). I will say that last pregnancy I was much less pregnant over the summer and thus had more options for hot weather in my closet. I may have to buy some pieces when I start getting really really big.

I've been surprised by the differences in this pregnancy. I feel less of the awful symptoms- shorter morning sickness, less itchy, less back ache- but also less of the amazing ones too- less goddess like, much much more tired. I think there was less movement early on but a similar amount now. I also have less patience and less energy but that's to be expected with a toddler. My bump is a couple of weeks smaller than the average (I measured 26 weeks at 28 weeks) but my midwives are not worried as the growth continues at a cm a week, I'm either have a smallish baby (my lady parts hope) or I'm just tall and long in the uterus. Both of which are likely.

Having a stroller in front of my belly pretty much everywhere I go has meant that so far I have only had ONE inappropriate bump grab this time around. Last time this was an hourly occurrence! To be honest, even though I complained about it last time I do kind of miss it this time. I can't say why other than that maybe it felt like strangers were sending my baby love (even though it's totally creepy to stroke the stomach of someone you don't know). So far I have had only one lot of Braxton Hicks while I started getting them fairly regularly at around 30 weeks last time. I do have more round ligament pain than last time, I think. This baby also moves into much more painful positions than Violet did and I think may be sitting a little lower which may be why the movements hurt more.

I am much less serious about following all of the rules this time. This is not something I share proudly, like I'm being rebellious, I think it's probably just natural when nothing went wrong the first time around, to become a little more complacent. Not having anyone else's needs to fulfil other than my own last time probably played a part too. This time I have missed my prenatal vitamins some days and eaten bites of foods I probably shouldn't on occasion. I probably feel 'naughtier' about the food than I actually am because I discovered some soft cheeses made with pasteurised milk and got the ok from my hospital to eat them- it feels like I'm cheating even though I'm not technically.

This time around at the moment I'm craving mangoes, blueberries, salad with just tomato, pasteurised danish feta and balsamic vinegar, chocolate, cake and Virgin Marys. Last time all I wanted was fresh orange juice, cherry tomatoes, fuji apples and strawberries. I couldn't stand chocolate or junk food when I was pregnant with Violet.


  1. I'm 39 weeks with my first baby and I've managed to go this entire pregnancy with only buying two maternity garments: a tanktop that I outgrew weeks ago and a pair of maternity jeans with the stupid belly panel that won't stay up. Dresses, leggings, jeggings and elastic waist skirts have worked wonderfully for me. PS. Your dress is soooooo cute!

    1. i've never tried the jeans with the belly thingy..they kind of confuse your pants are open anyway..right?!

  2. Love the dress! What great makeshift maternity wear. You look amazing. The photos really make me feel like I am looking at a magazine. So beautiful.

  3. Oh your bump is seriously sweet and you look beautiful. That dress is beautiful!!!! I am in love with it. Xxxx

    1. i'll swap you for any of yours (or all of them, you choose!) xox

  4. I love your style and adore your hair! You inspire my maternity wear! I love the touch of lace!

    1. lace is my favourite! i like your blog a bunch :)

  5. You look gorgeous. I absolutely love your maternity style. That dress is just perfection.

  6. I love your maternity dress that is not maternity. I think women can get away with real clothes for a lot longer than they think! Violet looks so cute too.

    I'd love for you to link up to What Kids Wore Wednesday this week!


    1. i'll see what i can do about some pictures :)

  7. You are such a cute mom! I love the vintage wear and your nail polish!

    Thanks for linking up this week for the Followers to Friends Blog Party!

    Sherry @ I AM PISCES
    Followers to Friends Blog

  8. These pictures are so adorable! I love your outfit, I hope when Im pregnant to be able to rework my wardrobe as well :)

    new follower openspaces

  9. i hope so too, it certainly helps!

  10. You look great! So pretty and sweet. Great style girl :)


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