Maternity wear- 35 weeks

January 30, 2013


Me- dress: vintage from Retrostar (Melbourne CBD)//belt: thrifted//rings: my engagement ring (vintage)//shoes: Mimco
Violet: dress: thrifted//shoes: Crayons from Mathers.

35 weeks has been pretty good to me. I'm feeling huge now, in that lovely way that lets you know you're almost done and your baby is nearly here. Rolling over in bed takes several seconds and occasionally involves some unflattering grunting. I've been thinking a lot about whether I'd like to have some music playing this time around. I'm still not sure. I wouldn't have even noticed last time if anything was on but maybe subconsciously it will help? I'll work on that hospital bag first perhaps. Speaking of which, I've bought most of the things I need for it. Nice lip balm, moisturiser, granny panties, sanitary products, hair ties, nursing stuff. Everything new so that it can just go into the bag and be forgotten about. I think we will try to buy a coming home outfit for the baby this weekend, depending on whether Rob's shoot is finished in one day or spills over into a second day. I'm getting pretty excited to meet our baby. It kind of still doesn't feel real, that in just under 4 weeks now (these pictures are a couple of days old) we will have 2 children.

Violet and I have been making pillow beds on the floor in the new baby's room (because she likes it best in there, her motorised swing chair from when she was a baby is in there and she loves to push it) and watching videos. We go through all the iPhone videos I've made since she was born. She's more interested in the more recent ones, that she can recognise herself in, but we're watching them all anyway, hoping to get her a little familiar with babies. We have the name picked and Violet calls my bump and all the creams I put on it by the nickname we've chosen for the name. That's pretty awesome! I wonder what she will think when the baby is here, being called by the name she thinks is for my belly and belly creams?

So far (touch wood, touch wood, touch wood) I haven't gotten any stretch marks with either pregnancy. Actually, that's not 100% true. There is a small patch around the scar from having my belly button pierced (I took it out 11 years ago, why is there still a scar?!) that is all stretch mark. It's only the size of a small coin though so I'm not really counting it. It's gotten a tiny bit bigger this time. I'm incredibly lucky. I hope my kids never pierce their bellybuttons.

This baby moves around a lot differently to what I felt when I was pregnant with Violet. I can feel kicks or punches against my hip bones and sometimes it presses down so hard on my bladder that I have to pee right away. There's much less movement around my rib cage. I wonder if this means it isn't head down yet? They thought it was at my last check up but I have another next week so hopefully they can be certain. Maybe this baby is just a puncher, not a kicker.


  1. Its wonderful to hear how Violet talks to your belly by the chosen name you have. Adorable! As always you look amazing! And its a plus you don't have any pregnancy stretch marks. I'm super excited for you guys :)

    Lulu xx

  2. This blog is so great, great of you to share your motherhood experiences with us! And your style is just perfect, best maternity wear ever! :)

    <3 Megan

  3. Oh my. I just found your blog from the hop, and well, I'm in love. Your ring is gorgeous, you look so stunning in that dress, and I love the style of your pictures! I'm so excited to be your newest fan and follower :)


  4. Beautiful pictures, I love the coordinating outfits, hope it's all going well with all the birth preparations

  5. Oh my gosh, you look stunning! I just discovered your blog through Style Elixir and it's wonderful! I'm your newest follower. :)

  6. You look so precious! I am 27 weeks along and have yet to find any adorable vintage maternity dresses that actually fit me. I've still got a little time though, so we'll see! =]

  7. Hanna! I found your blog through the blog hop as well. Your dress has the style I always love - vintage, feminine, and delicate - I bet you are super thrilled and can't wait to have your kid!

    Newest follower as well, follow back by going here:

    Cathy Trails

    Hope your weekend is wrapping up nicely!


  8. You look both so beautiful. I´m on my 30 week now....

  9. Such a beautiful post! (I will tell you now you have made me sooo clucky for another!) do you know what you are having? I love this dress! I just did a post yesterday about all the things that helped me with Maxwell...check out Dunstan Baby Language, it was incredible. Anyways, I hope all goes well for you - not long now!

  10. Oh my goodness.. You are stunning! First I can't believe you're 35 weeks. You look amazing. I love your dress, hair cut, nails - everything! So happy I found you :)
    Nikki at

  11. Gurll that's some cute maternity wear! Cuter than my non-maternity wear! LOVE it.
    So happy to have found your blog! Found it through Lost in Travels! :) New follower.

  12. You look fantastic. I never got that 'pregnancy glow' that so many speak of, but you are surely rockin' it mama! (:

  13. Your belly is too cute you seriously look fantastic!
    Just found your blog I love it!! Super darling Just found ya from Postcards from Rachel :)
    So nice to meet ya
    Just to make sure you don't miss out we are having a $200 GC to Tiffany and Co Giveaway!

  14. You look sooo cute! especially in those trees background, such an indie gal!

  15. beautiful images Hanna! your daughter's dress looks adorable on her- what a great thrifting find :)

    andrea brionne

  16. What a beautiful dress - you look amazing!

    I would absolutely love it if you would link up at the Friday Baby Shower a new linky party for all things pregnancy and new baby. Old as well as new posts very welcome - Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  17. i love your outfit and Violet's little dress too.

    i also excited to read about your excitement :)

  18. Hi there! I have ventured over from the Bloggy Moms hop. I'm enjoying this little peak into your world! Just lovely! XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  19. I love your dress and your little girls dress too. You look absolutely amazing.

  20. You look so beautiful in these pictures Hanna! Can't wait to see pictures of your new addition!

  21. oh my goodness, I just looked back at your blog and realized that this post is from January. I'm a new follower so I didn't realize, I've just been looking back at old posts. Then I guess congratulations are in order! (I emailed you yesterday thinking that you were still pregnant, shoulda checked the date, huh)! :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award. Info on my blog (

    Guessing your hands are full now...but wanted to let you know, and regardless, hopefully it brings you lots of new readers to your beautiful blog!


  22. What a cute little mama you are. So happy to have found your blog. Oh my you have some real naughty robots over here too. I have been dealing with these guys on my blog too! Gah! Get your CAPTCHA on lady... down with robots! Haha. Enjoy your final weeks... love and luck to you all as birth-day gets nearer! Love Elle xo

  23. Adorable!!!

    And whats with all the anonymous comments and spammers?!?!?! Ugh!

  24. Rolling through your blog and just LOVING all of your vintage dresses!



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