Christmas Lights

January 03, 2013



The night before Christmas eve we did something I've never done before- went to see some Christmas light displays on people's houses! I'm not sure what got the people on this street into the idea of decking out their houses with so many lights but there were about 5 houses on the street that were really into it and a few others who put in a little effort too. Two of them were out of control. We went with our friends and their son Archie who is 6 months older than Violet. She calls him Ar-tu, he calls her Biolet and I think they're in love.


Our New Years Eve was fantastic, we stayed at our friends (the ones from the pictures above) house and had a BBQ with the kids before taking them down to the family festival near the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Rob was working on NYE and ended up working overtime so we arrived kind of later than we had planned and didn't have much time to see the festivities before the fireworks. That was completely fine though as it was so BUSY with people that I'm not sure we would have been able to move much anyway. We staked out a spot near the play equipment for our picnic blanket and got the dads to take the kids for a play. Violet loved the 9:30pm fireworks, Archie was a little scared but still wanted to see the "lights" then the two of them went mad and ran around like they were on pure sugar or something (they had had no sugar!) until the pedestrian traffic calmed down enough for us to catch a tram home.

Off the kids went to bed and 3 out of 4 adults proceeded to get very drunk. And googled pictures of Bonsai plants to show which type are the most relaxing. The weather was nice enough for us to sit outside in their courtyard and we just had the best, most relaxing time. The next day even the kids seemed hungover as they had gone to bed ridiculously late at 11pm and yet woken up at 6:30am. Why does it seem that any time you put a toddler to bed later than bedtime they wake up extra early the next day??


  1. Lovely photos!!! I found you through the blog hop - following. :)

  2. Man! People go crazy with the houselights! It's gorgeous to look at but I can't imagine trying to live in one of those houses, it'd be like a disco al the time!

  3. If you ever get an answer to the later to bed earlier to rise toddler questions, let me know. I often wonder the same thing.

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  5. Hey! I, too, am also your newest follower. Loved all of the pictures of the christmas lights, everyone looked so enchanted by them :) I hope you had a nice holiday season and ready for great things to come for 2013.

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    Looking forward to reading more!


  6. Such great photos!! :) Looked like a wonderful evening together.

    New follower from You Like Me! Blog Hop.


  7. Ohhh, to be looking at Christmas lights in the summers heat!!!! It's funny seeing just how much effort some neighbourhoods get into with the lights! I'm a fellow Aussie (living in the states), found your blog from the I Love My Post blog hop :) Looking forward to reading more!

  8. So sweet! Stopping by from Sugar and Dots to say hello. Enjoy the first weekend of 2013! XO

  9. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest follower from the "I love my post" blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:

  10. cute little family you have here! and i love your profile section- "i'm sure it will work out in the end. my life tends to do that."



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