A few of my favourite things

January 19, 2013

covered in icy-pole and chasing bubbles in summer

These are a few of my favourite things that Violet says and does at 20 months.


-"farffle/fuffle" ('careful', said whenever she's doing something potentially unsafe like standing on a dining chair or climbing off the side of the sofa)
-"may may" ('carry me')
-"shUUHH FYYYYY" (shoo fly, followed by the cutest hand shooing action you could imagine)
-"toe unney" (toast with honey on it, please)
-"SHAMee" (sandwich)
-"Fwroo" (fruit, except bananas which are nahNAHs)
-"dooooo de do do do" (this is really a thing that happens. it's part of a game where she's minding her own business then BAM I throw water at her but now she goes around the house singing this.)
-"At. Air" (she loves hair, to stroke it, to touch it and say "pitty"- pretty, to put hats made of containers, belts, cutlery, other non-hat items on it. whenever she does this she doesn't fail to point out that you're wearing a hat on your hair.)
-"NO-OO" (I can't explain how she says no other than that it sounds like a moody teenager who has been asked to do something unpleasant. It's got attitude.)
-"Tar. Daddy. Tar? Daddy?" (100 million times a day, just letting me know she thinks we should get in the car and go pick up Daddy at work.)
-"pren, prem, tren" (very hard to distinguish between the three but they mean 'plane', 'pram' and 'train'. the way she says them is so odd it's hilarious.)


-this is not actually a favourite, more like a least favourite but she has been experimenting with screaming and screeching for fun, to hear her voice and to get reactions.
-helping with watering the plants and doing it all by herself even when her arm is shaking because the can is too heavy.
-today she tried to feed my belly button from her drink bottle and kept saying "BABY!" as she was doing it.
-taking her nappy off and running around waving it shouting "DA BUM! DA BUM!"


  1. Da Bum! Da Bum! Gosh you oughta be writing these in alphabetical order, The Violet Dictionary

    1. oh god, totally our fault, she thinks her nappies are called 'bums'...

  2. My son also asked for fruit and bananas in a similar manner at that age... and he also really enjoyed interacting with my baby bump while I was expecting his little sister! Adorable pictures of her chasing the bubbles around! I forget how I found you, but so glad that I have... looking forward to following along via Bloglovin' :)

    1. so nice to meet you! how did your son go when you actually had the baby, not just the bump?

  3. Oh my goodness Violet is one little cutie! She has your eyes! :) I love it when little ones start saying words. Its great shes involving your bump when she drinking her juice/milk. I bet Violet cant wait to have a little brother or sister to care and love.

    Much love

    Lulu xx

  4. she is so cute. i am telling you children these are so helpful. they work very hard at helping in the house cleaning.


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