We're making a baby

December 17, 2012

It's been a few months. Maybe it's been a couple of months more than a few.

Firstly, we're having a baby!

That may have been fairly obvious as I vague-blogged my way through complaining about feeling sick in the last few posts. I'm at 30 weeks now and thankfully I can say that in terms of morning sickness this pregnancy has been 100 times easier than the first. That's not to say that it was easy but it cleared up around 14 weeks this time, last time it was still going all day, every day at 26 weeks. Pregnancy the second time around has been an entirely different experience but one of the highlights is Violet's interest in my growing tummy. I think it's so cool that without really understanding what's going on she is interested in patting and kissing my bump.

I don't really want to go on for too long in this first post back, I think it would be better to ease back into blogging. I haven't actually missed it too much as I've been so tired and we've been so busy but I definitely miss documenting Violet's development. It also makes me a little sad every time Rob tries to show me something on the computer or his iPad and I can see that his recently viewed pages ALWAYS include this blog. I haven't asked if he's checking in hope that I've started posting again or if he just likes revisiting our memories but either way is a good enough reason to start again for me. I might leave it with a little dot point list of some of the things we've been doing. I'll try to elaborate on each with a post in the next few days.

-Violet can talk! With words!

-We've moved house!

-We've bought a car! We're getting it tonight!

-Both Rob and I turned 28!

-We're spending this Christmas together just the three of us (3 and a half of us?)!

-I cut my hair...and regret it...but it's growing back!

-Violet is 19 months old!

-We saw Santa!

-Most importantly, did i mention WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! Due 27th of Feb next year.

-I want to share some photos right now but I'm misplaced our camera in the move. I know I put it in one of those 'safe' places that are so safe you forget where they are. I blame pregnancy brain.

Instead of pictures, here's a short video of Violet saying "CHEESE" and pulling her best smile.

Cheese from Violet Lulu on Vimeo.

You can catch up more on pictures with instagram: hannarawson


  1. You have such a cute blog! So excited to now be following. Found your blog through the blog hop! Hope you'll stop by sometime!


  2. Saw you on the Monday Mingle. Followed via GFC, Twitter, and Bloglovin. would love a follow back. :)


  3. congrats!! i had been wondering what was up with you. :)

    1. thank you! cooking babies, spewing babies, rough but awesome times :)

  4. Congrats on the new bubba and the new car x


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