Christmas morning

December 30, 2012


It turns out we didn't really take any good photos of Christmas morning this year. That's not a huge disappointment really, since we didn't go crazy with presents and Violet is too young to be really excited yet. On top of that the presents from Rob's dad and step mum were lost in the post and didn't arrive on time. Violet is still riding high on the fruits of last years' Christmas in terms of toys believe it or not, some of the stuff she received was way out of her age range and is only just getting to be played with. We did get her a little fold out sofa lounge, some pretty night lights for her room, books and a ball (by far her most favourite present!) but mostly she was in need of some new clothes so we wrapped up a couple of parcels full of those, thinking that she would get the most joy out of unwrapping the paper like last year. Apparently we were wrong, even at 19 months clothes are a sucky gift to give a kid! Enjoy this video that shows as much:

Christmas morning from Violet Lulu on Vimeo.

My parents got her a kite that we flew later that day at the beach, I think that was by far my favourite gift Violet received. Rob and I had agreed to give each other no presents but he surprised me with some perfume although he probably didn't get the response he was looking for- I burst into tears- both because I was so happy with his choice (Marc Jacobs Daisy) AND because I felt terrible that I'd stuck to our deal and hadn't gotten him anything.

It's New Years Eve here in Australia and we're about to go to pick Rob up from work. Our plan for the evening is a BBQ at another couple with a toddler's house and then a children's festival with fireworks. Happy new year!


  1. That sounds like an amazing evening!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. She really does look excited over the clothes...hahaha!!! Tell her not to feel bad, my former spouse once got me a hunting bow for I hunt...
    A new follower from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop. Hope you can stop by my blog as well.

    Anne Marie

    1. hahahahaha seriously?? a hunting bow?! that's actually hilarious!

  3. So precious! I love the name Violet too! Just found your blog through Let Them Eat Cake, feel free to check out our blog and follow back, have a great new year!
    The Real McCoy(s)

  4. hi. i'm following the "GFC" blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev


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