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December 21, 2012

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These photos are from a couple of days ago at the park. Today we're running around the house in as little as possible because it's so hot, a few days ago we were dressed like that. Summer in Melbourne this year is all over the place. Violet also needs a haircut, badly. What's that saying? Shoemaker's children going barefoot? The countdown to Christmas is on and we haven't done our Christmas shopping yet! We're just having Christmas by ourselves this year, it's probably the first and only Christmas we'll ever have this opportunity so it's pretty exciting. This also means we don't have to worry about gifts for anyone but Violet which takes the pressure off. The only thing our families really want anyway are pictures of Violet since they don't get to see as much of her as if they lived in the same state as us. We're not doing gifts for each other this year because I think a brand new car is just about as much as either of us needs or wants.

The shopping centres around the city are open until midnight tonight so we're headed out to meet Rob at work shortly and try to get all our grocery and present shopping in one night. Not to worry if we can't manage it, one of the malls is open for 36 hours straight starting tomorrow night and finishing up Christmas Eve. I hope so badly we don't have to go back because it's supposed to be hell, with under slept sales assistants and crazy Christmas bargain shoppers, like a casino on crack.

These are a few of my favourite things that Violet says and does at 19 months.


-"ShOWAAAAAAAAAH" (shower)
-"fee" (teeth)
-"UNEYYYYY" (honey, the response to every food related question for example "would you like some lunch?" "UNEY? UNEY? UNEYYYYYYYYY!")
-"more WORtah" (water, I think this is my fault. She used to point at her water bottles and say "more? more?" and i'd say "more water? would you like more water? I guess she thinks water is called 'more water')
-"oTAY" (ok)
-"why?" (Super Why, the asking to watch)
-"more? more? more? more? more?" (when she wants something, especially something you're eating, she will just say more? like a seagull until you give her some. Once this went on for 15 mins in front of the freezer when she wanted ice in her water bottle but we were out of ice)
-"buh-bye Dad-dy" (refers to anyone leaving or her pretending to leave)
-"Ah bud te" ("I'll get it". This can mean she actually will get it or that she wants you to get it, depending on where the item has been dropped. This will also be repeated over and over until the item is back in her hand)
-"mmm yum yummy YUMMMM" (obviously)
-"uh uh uh uh uh" (can mean she knows you're about to say it to her because she's doing something she knows is naughty OR can mean she doesn't want you to take something she knows she shouldn't be holding)


-she tries to wash my hair in the shower by banging a shampoo bottle on top of my head and then making lathering motions in my hair.
-she decides when it's time to hop out of the shower by arranging all the body washes and shampoos in a certain order on the shower floor. She won't get out until this is done but heaven help you if she arranges them and you're halfway through washing your hair. You're done.
-she runs full pelt into my legs and hides between them every time Daddy says "I'm gonna getcha!"
-she made up a game where she says "bah bah bah baaaaaaah" at varying speeds with varying amounts of "bah"s before the long one, you've got to say it with her and try to anticipate when to draw the sound out long.

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