The promotion.

July 02, 2012

I mentioned last week that we've had a few pieces of good news recently. One of those pieces of good news was that Rob has been given a promotion! Starting this Thursday he will be running one of his boss's other hair salons, in Clifton Hill. This is a really amazing opportunity for Rob and for our family. Other than that it means more money, it's also the next step towards owning our own business if that's what we choose to do in the future, this experience will provide Rob with all the tools. I'm also looking forward to seeing him lead and inspire a team of people to step up to his level of competence, skill, work ethic and passion. I'm sure there will be many challenges but the great thing about Rob is that his personal motto is "failure isn't an option" and he works and works at whatever it is he doesn't want to fail in until it happens. He never gives up. I can't thank enough from our family for the hard work he's put in to earn this, the long hours without lunch breaks, the late nights and the way he's pushed himself to the limits physically.

As for Violet, she has started mimicking my words! She has made some hilarious choices in terms of which ones to try to say but it is so cute to hear. She has been babbling for a long time now and has conversations with me, though obviously I have no idea what she's saying so I always ask "really?" whenever she strings off a long sentence of babble-talk. Now she says it back to me as "wreeeeeeewry". The other word she is mimicking is "mean". The other day we were in her bedroom and I was putting away her clean laundry while she pulled other clean clothes out of the draw. I took a jumper off her and she smacked me in the face so I said "don't be mean to mummy". She looked at me and said "meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem". From then on every time I say "mean" she repeats back "meem", although her versions of both words are really drawn out for a long time (it's just annoying to type/read more than once!). We haven't had anything like this since we were optimistically convinced she was mimicking "hello" back to us when she was only 4 months old (the videos support this conviction, I swear!), it's so exciting to think that soon she will be communicating with these words and understanding them. Although I should possibly hope that 'mean' does not make a regular appearance in her vocabulary.


  1. Oh congrats to rob!!! How wonderful for you all xxxxx

  2. aww! that's great! does Rob cut your hair??

  3. Thats super awesome, congrats to Rob! Its soo nice to be given opportunities like this, especially when you sacrifice your own time for others and remain to keep your positive work ethics and attitudes. Rob sounds like an awesome guy!


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