In celebration of a year of friendship.

July 06, 2012

My mother's group is incredible. We are made up of 17 women who live in the same suburb who gave birth within 2 months of each other and that is pretty much all we have in common. We are all of different ages, financial situations, stages of life and with different interests. We all get along like houses on fire in spite of these differences and most of the time we don't actually give our differences a second thought. A couple of weeks ago we booked a giant table at the Terminus Hotel dining room to celebrate the fact that this time last year we were all bringing our 2 month old (or younger) babies to our child community health centre to awkwardly sit together with strangers and learn the ins and outs of bathing, massaging, settling and feeding a baby. We have met once a week on a Wednesday ever since.

In the last year some of us have moved suburbs, some have bought houses, some have gotten pregnant with their second child and some work on Wednesdays so can only keep updated via our private Facebook group but having a support network every day has made parenting a whole lot easier. Even if it's just to announce (and receive sympathy on) whichever childhood illness our babies have come down with this week. We've shared tips on sleeping routines, which baby carriers to buy and toddler recipes that don't end up on the kitchen floor. I've lived vicariously through cloth-nappying members and returning to work mothers. It has been very special to me. Sometimes being a stay at home mother has meant isolation, only a few of my friends have children and none of them live very close to us. I'm so grateful for these women and the friendship we have grown together.

Our dinner was full of laughs, food and wine for those in the party who were not pregnant. It was nice to reminisce about the early months and the sleep we never thought we'd get back but also to be in the present. We may have started with few common interests but somehow our conversation no longer revolves around our babies. I took no pictures at the dinner, I was too busy having a great time but I guess it doesn't matter because somehow I know I won't need a picture to remember them by, we'll be friends for a very long time.

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  1. So very, very important! What a great group to have in your life!


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