what we wore {on a rainy day}

June 06, 2012

dress: vintage//tights: target//shoes: thrifted dr martens//nails: OPI mermaid tears
cardigan: zara//dress: zara//tights: pumpkin patch//shoes: zara

Hi, I'm here. Just took a quick month break from blogging. No big deal. We have had a crazy time while our weblog has been sleeping. It started with mad party preparations- no time for blogging, must bake. Then moved onto my parents staying with us for a week- no time for blogging, going crazy with space invasion AND lots of family fun. Then we moved onto an unexpected three week home renovation that saw us only able to use our bedroom and living room- no time for blogging, blogging from bed sucks..especially when i'm also eating my dinner on the bed. Oh, and sharing our bed with Violet. I will forever remember last month as the month that tested my patience, my relationship, my sanity and also as the month that showed us we really can get through anything, even if we are tested to our limits and have moments of snapping at each other. We can get through.

Some magical things have happened too though. Violet's birthday party was spectacular and we were bathed in the love of the 40-odd friends and family who came to celebrate it with us. I'm hoping to do a post on that tomorrow. On the 30th of April at about 5:30pm Violet took her first steps!! Rob and I were both there by a small miracle and it was magic. She took about 7 steps in a row across the room to get to her doll pram. I will definitely never forget how amazing that was to watch. She didn't even realise she had done it, she was so confused as to why we were cheering! Since then she has gotten better and better, currently she trots around at almost running speed, hardly falling down at all. She also likes to go for walks holding my hand, I dare say it won't be too much longer before she refuses to get in her pram. We also discovered the joy that indoor play centres bring our brave adventurous little girl. She cut her top two front teeth a few days before her birthday party, though they weren't visible on either of the big days they are very prominent now. She was born with a diastema between her front top teeth and the gap is extra extra extra cute! There was Mother's Day where I was spoiled rotten with perfume and a trip to the day spa with my friend Amanda (Juno's mummy). And of course, we had Violet's first birthday which was 3 days after her party and was comparatively uneventful as Rob had to work..and Violet has no idea what a birthday is so she didn't know anything was supposed to be happening.

We are off to Sydney for a family holiday on Saturday and I'm so excited. We will be staying in Darling Harbour and I must say, with all of the drama surrounding replacing the ceilings, the clean up and the miscommunications between our property's owner, the building company and the contractors- I am ready to GET OUT OF HERE!! A week of soaking up the love with my two biggest loves will be exactly what I am ordering. I'm so happy to be blogging again (although I doubt I will get much posted from Sydney as we are not bringing a laptop), I can't wait to go back through our snapshots of time not recorded in here and get a little nostalgic (for the last month, ha!). Look forward to a Violet themed birthday party and videos of our baby throwing herself face first down slides with no fear.

Also, they reset the votes on top baby blogs while I was away, if you could do me a solid and please click the link below to vote I'd be very happy!

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  1. Really pretty lace dress. Love the longer length paired with those dr marten high tops.


  2. Pretty ladies! I love both of your outfits here. Have a lovely holiday! x

  3. cute outfits! Glad to have you back:)

  4. oh that dress and your hair ribbon!! you and Violet are just so so beautiful

    (previously sweet days with elle and mia) x

  5. beautiful photos, missy. i dig your style.

  6. What a beautiful dress you're wearing and your child is just adorable :).


  7. that dress is an old old favourite, i couldn't believe it when i picked it up in the vintage shop and it fit. fate, i say!


  8. thank you, so sweet of you to say that noelle!

  9. we did! we're back! it was the best! thank you thank you :) x


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