What we wore {a little sunshine}

June 27, 2012

dress: fleur wood//shoes: mimco//ring: julia de ville//necklace: found dug into the windowsill of a rental house I lived in several years ago.
cardigan: Zara//dress: pumpkin patch//stockings: pumpkin patch//shoes: zara

Look at the sunshine! It's the middle of winter and while it wasn't necessarily no-cardigan weather (i don't own any nice ones which is why I never wear them in this series), it was quite warm in the sun. Warm enough to stay for a play in the playground after our photos. Violet's favourite part of any playground is always the swings. She loves being pushed high, higher than I like although I know she's safe. She also loves it when Mama or Daddy get on the swing next to her and she can watch our swinging paths cross.

We have had a run of fantastic luck here in our family, we have gotten several pieces of good news this week and many things that weren't out of place to begin with seem to be falling even more into place. Or perhaps, falling into better places. My partner works so hard for us and I love seeing his hard work pay off, or his dreams coming true. The sunny summer we are having is adding to our collective mood boost, I think and I feel inspired to be better- a better housekeeper, better at staying on top of laundry (my least favourite!), a better mother, a better friend and a better (future) wife.

I hope there are things that are bringing you joy too.


  1. I love these photos. Very cute. THe dress is gorgeous!

  2. both of those dresses are so pretty! :)

  3. Voilet, your are the most beautiful little girl ever! And Mama.....whoahhhh! You look divine :) xo

  4. you are you're daughter are so sweet!

  5. Sweet blog, love your outfit posts. Your very beautiful.


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