What we wore {brown and olive}

June 17, 2012

shirt: Fleur Wood//skirt: thrifted//shoes: Swear
cardigan: Zara//dress: thrifted//tights: Pumpkin Patch//shoes: Zara

Today What We Wore comes from Sydney, Australia where we just returned from after a week long family holiday. At least, that's what we turned it into. Rob had to go up for a three day convention called Hair Expo and we decided to go too and all stay for three extra nights. We stayed on Darling Harbour, right next to the convention and spent our few sunny days on the harbour watching Violet run after seagulls. We spent our rainy days shopping in the city, swimming in the indoor pool/spa at our hotel and at night made our way to Newtown or the CBD for dinner. I took some recommendations from Jess at

Tiny Dais

on where to eat and had the best pizza OF MY LIFE from Basil in Newtown. I couldn't recommend that place enough for anyone travelling to Sydney! I told the pizza chef that he'd just made the best pizza I'd ever eaten and he asked if I'd mind paying 10 billion dollars for it then?

Rob was much braver than me in terms of swimming in the pool. It was heated but not quite enough for my chicken arms and legs, so Rob was an amazing Dad and took on playing with Violet in the swimming pool by himself. We bought her a flotation ring to sit in but he played tossing her in the air and spinning her around and when they were both blue they would come into the spa (it wasn't extremely hot) and be with me. Going away on holidays with a one year old was not stressful for us as Violet is the kind of baby who is happy enough to be in a stroller all day and will sleep through the night anywhere but it wasn't quite as relaxing as I think we hoped it would be. That had nothing to do with her, of course, she was amazing but I guess the last time we went on holiday my parents were there to let Rob and I be together alone often and for some reason we didn't take that into account when planning our "refreshing and relaxing" holiday! It sure was fun though.

I have no tips on flying with a one year old as I think that by this stage in parenting everyone really knows their child and his/her limitations. Our flights were only 1.5 hours up and 1 hour back which is not very long, however ask any parent of a 1 year old how they would enjoy making their baby sit still for that long and I think you would hear a resounding groan. For us, we woke Violet up earlier than usual and skipped her first nap to make sure she was absolutely exhausted when we got on the plane. On the way up (a very early morning flight) we skipped her breakfast and on the way back we skipped her mid-morning snack so that she was also hungry when we got on. We knew this would work for us because Violet is not the kind of baby who cries when she's hungry (unless she is STARVING which never happens because obviously we feed her before that point) and she is also not the kind of baby who goes into over-tired mode and refuses to sleep. Thanks to this knowledge we got on the plane, fed her as soon as we were settled in, gave her a bottle of cows milk on the way up and by the time we were in the air she went to sleep. She woke up on descent on both flights and the change in pressure did not bother her. It was incredibly smooth and I'm so proud of our girl.

Watching her run around now that she is really good at walking is one of the biggest joys of parenthood so far. See our brave little girl explore her world with no fear is something that literally makes my heart pound when I stop and really watch her.


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  1. Ha, I love how it looks like she's floating in that first picture!

  2. YOU are SOO GORG... LOVE your poutfit..your little one is soo darling adorable.. Great lovely post..LOVE the outfits and photo's.. Very FAB.. I am Marilyn, your newest happy follower here and will LOVE if you had a moment to stop in via my blog as well.. I have a fun linky party happening I'd LOVE for you to share your post alongside if you have a sec - Mannequin Monday http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com/2012/06/mannequin-mondays-3-indy-beauty-hair.html .. Thanks so much.. LOVING your blog here, excited to indulge in more.. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xo Marilyn..

  3. Rocio Gonzalez anidosJune 27, 2012 at 7:08 AM

    you both look so beautiful, I love the outfits and the photos


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