Violet's first birthday party

June 07, 2012


Violet's birthday party was a huge success! There are a lot of pictures so I will have to split the posts up a bit. Expect to be overwhelmed by month-old party posts. Our house is not open-plan so we designed the time frame of the party so that the 40-50 odd people we had invited (including children) would dribble through over the course of 5 hours, keeping us entertained and our house uncrowded. By some strange twist everyone came around the same time and we ended up with over 40 people crammed into our living room, kitchen and hallway. It was quite intense in a festive, awesome way! In retrospect i'm glad it happened that way, we felt the love so much, especially when it came time to sing happy birthday to Violet.

Most of the children who came were Violet's age but our friends Mat and Lulu have a 4 year old daughter who took charge of opening all the presents. I think her dad and step-mum were slightly embarrassed by her eagerness to open every single present (starting with the card of course, she understood that it was very important to open the card first) but I thought it was fantastic! Violet had no interest in opening her presents and Sakura proved to be a great ice-breaker for the early arrivers who didn't know each other. On the downside, I actually have no idea who bought what for the most part, as by the time I even saw most of the presents they were scattered to the wind in amongst a room full of one year olds.

The preparation for the party was quite stressful, Rob worked right up until the day before and my parents didn't fly in until the evening of the day before so for the most part I did all the baking/cooking/decoration making myself. Baking 70 cupcakes and 35 lollipops with a baby in the kitchen is no small feat! By the time it came to the morning of the party there was still cleaning to be done, cupcakes to be iced and setting up to be done. Well, I'm not superwoman! With everyone, including my little brother, pitching in we only ran about 20 minutes late. Which was amazing considering how much we achieved that morning. Not to worry at all, only one set of guests showed up on time. Thanks to all the running around neither Rob nor myself ate breakfast. Then thanks to being busy hosting neither of us ate much all day and what we did eat was sugar. I felt so strange for half of the party, super zippy and fast-talky.

My favourite moment was definitely singing happy birthday and then Violet eating her cake. The birthday cake was an amazing tiered hombre cake in shades of purple and was provided by my dear friend Carley who has a baking business called Hello You Bakery. I loved that from the outside it just looked like a kind of boring white cake but we had oohs and ahhs when we cut it open! In my sugar-induced hypoactive state I gave Violet THE HUGEST slice of cake. This kid had never even eaten sugar before and I slapped an adult sized piece of cake in front of her and let her have at. Oh dear. Someone (Rob, I think) took it away after she'd eaten a good half of it, thank goodness. Let's just say that she didn't go to sleep until 10:30pm that night.

People started to drift home around 4pm and so we took the remaining guests and kids outside into the front garden to throw balls and finally sit down. That was probably my other favourite part of the day. I ate some food finally and lounged on the grass with friends. All in all Violet's birthday party can easily go into my top five favourite days of all the times. She had a blast, even though she had no idea the day was about her and we loved celebrating making it through the first year. Can you believe we nurtured, loved and kept alive a human being for a whole year so far?? Hard work pays off!

A violet themed birthday party!

I made vegan chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes

And Violet (purple) velvet cupcakes!

Fairy bread for the kids.

There were treats for the babies and arpeggio Nespresso coffee (because the pods are purple!) for the grownups.

Our guests sipped Dr. Pepper

I made cherry flavoured lollipops with real viola inside for party favours.


First birthday cake provided by

Hello You Bakery

in Melbourne (Australia).


And without being asked, a couple of friends brought some cupcakes of their own!
The fondant ones were made by my friend Mat's mum who is not a professional! And the blue ones were a delicious lemon flavour, made by my gorgeous friend Nicki.

We had purple cloth bunting all around the house and purple paper bunting above the food table but we didn't take many pictures once people arrived, a terrible faux pas I'm's just that we were having too much fun!

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  1. WOW WOW WOWW!! so gorgeous!!! i love the homemade violet lollipops! violet is so lucky to have a mom like you :D xx

  2. i love the 'violet' themed party! how fun! and i love the pictures of violet eating her cake. happy belated birthday!

    1. the videos are even funnier than the picture, i'm so many pieces of cake in that i couldn't even imagine having a first piece ever, i bet it was amazing though

  3. Wow! i am super jealous! You did great!!!

    1. don't be jealous, it was totally achievable thanks to some thought and a whole lot of googling, haha

  4. Looks like a beautiful and successful party. I like the theme and the cupcakes look so yummy!

    1. they were delicious! i'll be posting some recipes soon!

  5. So wonderful!! I love all the work you put into this! What a great mama! I wrote about this on my "Friday Favesies" post...

    1. i read that, so sweet of you, thanks! It was quite a bit of work but great practice for when she asks for themed birthday parties. Not to mention it feels pretty nice to have people complimenting you on how pretty everything is! haha x

  6. oh what a perfect party! i just love all the violet. especially that fairy bread! Happy birthday to your beautiful fairy baby x


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